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‘Man of Steel’: 5 Reasons Why Henry Cavill Is Perfect As Superman

Fri, June 14, 2013 6:47pm EDT by Bonnie Fuller 22 Comments
Henry Cavill Superman
Courtesy of Warner Bros

Whoever made the decision to cast British-born Henry Cavill in the new blockbuster deserves a giant high-five — genius choice! Here’s why:

There are multiple reasons why Man of Steel was so great — the main one being that Henry Cavill was fabulous! (SPOILERS AHEAD)

5 Reasons Henry Cavill Is A Perfect Superman

1. He Fills Out That Tight Superman Suit Like Nobody’s Business!

We’re talking OMG! Henry Cavill’s 6’1” frame has been buffed up to bursting-out perfection. Director Zack Snyder made sure that there were enough shirtless scenes that you could see every highly developed pec and ab muscle. And then let’s talk about the thighs. Henry’s super thighs looked like they alone could squeeze and kick the life out of evil General Zod. Apparently, Henry was subjected to intensive workouts by trainer Mark Twight, which involved weeks of eating 5,000 calories a day while doing intense weight training. That was followed by hours and hours of cardio to burn fat and make his abs and other parts bulge.

And then, there’s his incredibly handsome face, blue eyes, and mop of dark hair. In other words, he’s a visual feast that you’ll never get tired of staring at.

2. He’s Mastered The Self-Effacing Personality That Makes Superman So Likable.

Christopher Reeves perfected it and he’s a tough act to follow. Unfortunately, Man of Steel doesn’t give Henry enough of a script to take him quite up to Reeve’s acting ability in this area. Christopher Reeves played Superman with tongue-in-cheek humor that made his Super series completely addictive. Henry doesn’t have the luxury of quite as good a script, but when he can add humor — he does go for it, big time.

Note to producers for the Man of Steel sequel — less long fighting sequences and more Henry Cavill dialogue. Let him loosen up and be self-effacing human and humorous.

3. His Chemistry With Amy Adams As Lois Lane Is Electric!

Henry and Amy Adams have this one way over Reeves and Margot Kidder. I never quite got why Margot Kidder was cast in that role. She always seemed too old to play a spunky newspaper reporter. Not so for Amy Adams, who is believable as an intrepid reporter in the Rosalind Russell (His Girl Friday) mold.  And when she and Henry connect, you can feel the electricity.

4. He’s Adorable As Clark Kent!

One of the very best moments of Man of Steel is its ending: our first sight of Clark Kent, in his classic glasses, turning up in the newsroom of The Daily Planet. When you see him arrive and then look right into Amy Adams’ eyes, all you can think is — now the real fun begins. Can’t wait for that sequel. Let’s just hope it’s more plot, dialogue, and humor, and less about hand-to-hand super combat.

5. He Has the Acting Chops To Carry Every Sequel!

Henry, 31, is no newcomer to acting. He’s put in his time in the biz. But he’s best known as the tortured first Duke of Suffolk in Showtime’s Tudors series. It was a tough role, but he carried it for years.

Now it’s obvious in Man of Steel that Henry will be up to handling a grown up Clark Kent, hiding his Superman secret. Like I said — he’s so good in Man of Steel that every time he’s allowed to stop fighting and start talking, you can’t keep your eyes off him.

So HollywoodLifers, put Man of Steel on your weekend calendar and get ready to get weak in the knees watching the hottest male to hit the screen since Robert Pattinsons Edward Cullen.

Oh and by the way — Henry Cavil could carry off Fifty Shades of Grey‘s Christian GreyLet me know if you agree!

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