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‘America’s Got Talent’: Travis Pratt & Jonathan Allen Stun With Operatics

Wed, June 12, 2013 12:42am EDT by 18 Comments
Travis Pratt Jonathan Allen
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After a season premiere full of incredible performances, the bar was raised especially high for the June 11 contestants of ‘America’s Got Talent.’ So these acts upped the ante — and the emotion.

There’s almost too much talent on America’s Got Talent! The June 11 episode of the hit reality show brought a variety of performances, from unbelievable singers, to circus acts, to sassy kid ballroom dancers. The backgrounds behind some of these contestants were astonishing — and let’s just say there were a few tears in our eyes during some of them.

Howard Stern, Howie Mandel, Heidi Klum and Mel B were back again, this week in San Antonio and New Orleans. The talent just keeps on getting better, and we’re loving every minute of it.

Top 5 Performances From June 11 Episode

5. Sam Johnson: The Handstand Man

In the most death-defying stunt of the night, Sam stuns the audience as he does a handstand on top of an 80-foot pole — that’s swaying in the air, with no harness and no net. SAY WHAT?! Host Nick Cannon said it best: “There’s crazy people on this show,” but we wouldn’t have it any other way. Sam gets mad props for his bravery and we wonder what this circus-trained dad will bring next.

4. Alexanderia The Great: The Female Escape Artist

An escape artist is about the last thing you’d expect as an act from a 51-year-old mom. However, Alexanderia upped the girl power and was able to free herself — and relieve some of our anxiety — from her shackled hands and feet with 30 feet of chain wrapped around her. Did we mention this all took place underwater? After more than a minute and a half underwater, Alexanderia resurfaced and shocked everyone. Howie claimed, “I think Houdini has been reincarnated,” and Howard said, “That is a tough act follow.” Bravo, Supermom, bravo.

3. Paul Thomas Mitchell: Star On The Rise

This guy isn’t the hair aficionado. No, this 19-year-old songbird has star power all his own. After a rocky upbringing — his mom abandoned him and his dad is a recovering alcoholic — this kid has nothing to lose. In a velvety smooth voice, he sang his original song “My Life” and it was simply beautiful. The judges were widespread in their love for him and Howard said “I like the tune and I think you sold it as a performer.” We’re sold on Paul too, Howard, rest assured.

2. D’Angelo & Amanda: Dancing With The Kids

After his sister Ruby wowed the judges with her own ballroom dancing routine right before him, we wondered if this 12-year-old from Miami could upstage his little sister. He stole the show from his sister as he and his partner Amanda jazzed up the stage with their routine. This duo had precision far beyond their years and their dancing chemistry was off the charts. Howard even claimed that “This is why I came to San Antonio. I was waiting for you two.” Dancing With The Stars doesn’t have anything on these kids.

1. TIE: Travis Pratt & Jonathan Allen: Opera’s Next Biggest Hits

There was no way to choose between these two great performances. The first talent of the night was Travis Pratt, and in the most unsuspecting performance, he astonished everyone with his incredible operatic voice. Howie even asked if he was lip-syncing, and Howard called the audition “outrageous.” He revealed that he never would have auditioned if it wasn’t for his girlfriend, so he does what any incredibly romantic guy would do — and proposed to her on stage! She said yes; and after his exquisite performance, how could she not?

Jonathan Allen first touched our hearts as he revealed his parents kicked him out when he was 18 for being gay. Then, he amazed us with his marvelous rendition of Luciano Pavarotti‘s “Time To Say Goodbye,” and trust us, it was superb. He received a standing ovation from all four judges for his take on the famous operatic pop song and Howie declared, “With your talent, this show has become your family, and we’d like to say, ‘welcome home.'” Mel B, who sang with Bocelli, told Jonathan he did the song justice. It was just a totally unexpected, powerhouse performance.

The June 18 episode of America’s Got Talent is on at a special time (8/7c) so don’t miss it! Who knows what new talent the show is going to bring next!

So HollywoodLifers, what did YOU think was the best performance? Let us know what you think!

WATCH: Jonathan Allen Performs ‘Time To Say Goodbye’

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— Avery Thompson

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