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‘Pretty Little Liars’ Beauty: Hairdresser Dishes On Set Secrets

Tue, June 11, 2013 5:22pm EDT by 3 Comments
Pretty Little Liars Hair
Courtesy of ABC

The girls of ‘Pretty Little Liars’ are great at keeping secrets but even better at maintaining their beautiful hair looks all day long. In honor of the June 11 premiere, we spoke to the show’s hairstylist EXCLUSIVELY to find out her best hair tips and tricks!

Do you ever wonder how Aria’s hair stays voluminous after a whole day at school? Ever wonder which hair tools Hannah uses to create her always trendy hair styles? Kim Ferry, celebrity hairstylist for Pretty Little Liars, is telling readers the answers to these, and many more, questions in an EXCLUSIVE interview! Read it below.

‘Pretty Little Liars’ Hairstylist — Our Exclusive Interview

We are celebrating the season 4 premiere of Pretty Little Liars by sharing some valuable information with you! We spoke with the shows hairstylist Kim, and we can’t wait to share her words of wisdom!

Can you describe the texture of the hair of each girl on set and what products work on that type?

“Our girls all have amazing long hair. But, the daily use of blow drying and hot irons can make their hair get dry, so we like using Natural Essentials Healing Dry Oil for extra moisture and to help nourish dry & damaged ends. It’s very versatile and can also be used to calm a flaky scalp.”

How can you make sure hair doesn’t look damaged when using a blow dryer and straighteners every day?

“It is important to take into account the thickness of hair when you select a heat setting on your dryer or flatiron. The finer the hair, the lower the temperature. That doesn’t mean that if you have a thick mane, your should opt for the highest setting. I rarely use an extremely high degree of heat.”

How can we quickly style our hair for summer in a pretty way? 

“Topknots and braids are quickly becoming a summer time staple for long haired women. Not only does it stay in place in humid temperatures, it is an easy style to do yourself.  YouTube is great for this. I’ve been a stylist for decades now, and I keep learning new ways to do hair from it. Women have total access to it, which means they are experimenting with more dramatic styles now, such as updos and fun braid trends.”

More Of Kim’s Best Tips & Tricks

How do you keep the volume up on hair after an eight hour workday/school day?

“By lightly massaging the scalp. Start at the nape of the neck, get underneath the hair with your fingertips and work your way slowly up to the top of the head. You can create a fuller bodied look and plump up hair in a matter of minutes! It creates a “teased” sensation to the hair, without using a comb. And, honestly it feels really good — actors and clients always enjoy a calming head massage.”

What tools do you use for perfect curls or straight styles? What products are your favorites?

“A good hot iron! It is also important to have a protective layer on hair for straight styles. What I love most about using a Dry Oil (such as Natural Essentials Strengthening Dry Oil) is that it is weightless and doesn’t leave a film on the fingers after use. Other heavy oils can weigh the hair down leaving the style flat and greasy.”

Who in the cast wants to get out of the chair the fastest?

“Nobody wants to spend all day in the chair. We have a great time trying different styles and determining what look works best for what we are filming in that episode…but every style has to be done with time considerations in mind. We have to work fast to keep the set moving along. We have a lot of pages to film each day, and our department never wants to make camera wait on us.”

Do you like using hair accessories like headbands and flowers for a fun hair look?

“Yes! I like to experiment. I’ve done everything from making my own accessories with a hot glue gun and fake flowers to creating a braided headband out of human hair. I also use wire you can find at Home Depot to create fun looks in hair for science fiction shows, dance numbers on Bunheads and halloween characters.”

What are some color/cut trends for summer?

“Most of the girls that I work with, have, or want, long hair. It is so versatile — you can braid it, twist it, tease it, make lovely “California” beach waves and, of course, throw it up into a bun. Color is a big part too. I am seeing a big trend to just lighten the ends of the hair…slight highlights — only on the tips — can make a great illusion of summer highlights. Bold colors are also working their way into the tips, like bright red, blue and green. Hair chalk is another fun way to try a bold color without the commitment of a permanent hair color.”

Did you learn anything new from this interview, HollywoodLifers? Let us know!

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— Shira Benozilio

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