‘Secret Life’ Series Finale: Fans Furious Over Depressing Ending

Tue, June 4, 2013 11:02am EDT by 162 Comments 12,150 Article Views
Secret Life Series Finale
Courtesy of ABC Family

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Posted at 12:48 AM on July 6, 2014  

I also regret watching it. At least the crew should’ve said how all of the characters ended up, like in trios I wish I could go to the producer or someone to tell me how everyone ends up. I’m not mad, I’m angry! Amy and Ricky were meant for each other, Ricky changed his whole life for Amy, and this is what he gets. I don’t even know my feelings right now, this show kind of feels real to me. I will be using a full 2 or more boxes of tissues

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Posted at 1:11 AM on July 4, 2014  

I regret watching this show. I spent 5 years watching this show. I invested my time in to every episode. And then to watch the finale, I am just appauled. I definitely wish that I wouldnt have spent all my tears on this show like when jack got hurt and adrian lost the baby… .I mean Grace stayed with jack in the hospital and cried. I thought that they would have ended up gettong married in the end. We should have gotten like a glimpse in the future or something! I am SO dissapointed in the writer. To make every episode incredible and worth watching and then to just wreck it all and break all the happiness in the FINALE. WOW. JUST WOW. she made grace out like a total B****. like why would she be celebrating. ? i mean i thouht they would have loved eachother forever after i saw them sharing those kisses. So sweet. How could she be so insensitive and lie to him and tease him all the time? I MEAN THEY LOVED EACHOTHER . I wish they would have atleast hugged good bye in stead of “its been fun” “yup” then grace partying. So dissapointing really. Wish I could have seen anne get married and seehow george And kathleen ended up. what happened to ashley? Did jack end up with Madison? If so, what happened to Lauren? They kinda just dropped Ash, I guess in paris. How does kathy and ethans relationship stand? Why did they make him out to be such a jerk? Like wtf. Why!? what about ben? Does he end up with Amy? Do ricky and amy remain friends? Does he end up living happily ever after? Wish I couldve seen a 6th season or more to see john h
Grow up. I LOVED that show so much. AND THEN to see the finale!?!? JUST WOW. even megan park (girl who plays grace) didnt like the ending. IT WAS THE WRITERS FAULT!!!! ugh hope abc family can learn to write some shows with some happy endings….. I wish they ALL had happy endings and wernt so selfish about college . I mean like why cant you be , married AND go to separate colleges? Come on grace! Whyw ouldnt you let jack go with you?

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