Dying Girl, 10, Refused Lung Transplant By Bureaucracy

Mon, June 3, 2013 5:31pm EST by 8 Comments
Courtesy of CNN

A suffering 10-year-old Pennsylvania girl with cystic fibrosis could die within the next few weeks without a lung transplant. The real tragedy for Sarah Murnaghan is that it’s not the lack of organs available that is holding her back from getting the immediate procedure she needs — it’s the law.

Sarah Murnaghan may not live much longer unless she gets a new set of lungs. She’s at the top of the list for any pediatric lungs that might become available in her area, but for the time being only adult lungs are available. While doctors think modified adult lungs would work for Sarah, she doesn’t have access to the available organs unless every adult waiting for lungs in the area turns them down, creating an unimaginable barrier that could result in a tragic death.

Sarah Murnaghan’s Parents Beg For A Change In Legislation

The law that is preventing Sarah from getting the procedure she needs as soon as possible has been in place since 2005. The law states surgery for patients over the age of 12 can be allocated based on severity of illness versus the amount of time on the waiting list, but in Sarah’s case, she is too young for that to matter.

Due to the extreme burden this law is putting on a poor little girl with a condition as serious as Sarah’s, her parents, Fran and Janet Murnaghan, have been formally contacting U.S. Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius. They are begging Kathleen to make a change so not only Sarah can be helped, but so other children don’t have to go through the suffering Sarah has at just 10 years old.

“We don’t want preferential treatment for Sarah, we want equal treatment,” Janet told the Huffington Post. “We want it to be a triage system like they do for everyone else where the sickest patient goes first and ones with ability to wait, wait.”

Unfortunately, Kathleen said she isn’t in authority to intervene with the policy, but is ordering a transplant policy review.

Parents’ Fight Might Not Be Enough for Sarah Murnaghan

Sarah has been waiting for a transplant for a year and a half, and any change that may come from her parents’ fight could take up to two years. With only a projected few weeks left to live after already being in the local Children’s Hospital for the past three months, change might not even matter for Sarah.

But it would certainly help.

WATCH: Sarah Murnahan’s Parents Hope For Change Soon

CNN, The Huffington Post

– Taylor Weatherby

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william robinson

Posted at 11:01 PM on June 3, 2013  

i want to donate a healthy lung, non-smoker but adult. i was injured in an accident 4 yrs ago and should be dead. i was saved by God for a reason and if i can save this child i will be fulfilled.

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Jamie Kindell

Posted at 12:23 PM on June 4, 2013  

I was just thinking the very same thing. Can one adult lung help this child?

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Posted at 8:58 PM on June 3, 2013  

WHAT A STUPID LAW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HELP HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Posted at 8:12 PM on June 3, 2013  

This reminds me of ‘Dance Moms’ adults thinking selfishly of themselves while lapping up the spotlight under the guise of a sick child. Those parents should be loving this child and enjoying the time they have, yet what are they doing ” ready for my close up” this is disgusting.

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Posted at 7:31 PM on June 3, 2013  

Can they sue for age discrimination since the law is denying Sarah life saving medical treatment based on her age? I’m not one for frivolous lawsuits but wrongful death? Anything to get this changed? Would adult lung transplant candidates be willing (allowed) to turn down lungs that are offered to them (if their lives are not at stake of course) so that this kid could get bumped to the front of the list that way?

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Posted at 6:23 PM on June 3, 2013  

if the law kills, sue the law. If the legislator do not do anything in this matter, sue the COUNTRY.Everyone is responsible…if USA has death penalty, should have the opposite….besides, discrimination is legally forbidden….The State is responsible for its citizens…you have laws and lots of precedents in this matters ( use the analogy).

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Jack C. Lowrie (@JackCLowrie)

Posted at 7:02 PM on June 3, 2013  

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hope and pray

Posted at 8:27 PM on June 3, 2013  

OH give to some old person with their foot on a banana peel! How the hell can anybody refuse a 10 year old girls right to live??? I guess they all haven’t heard of “KARMA”!!!!!!!!!! She has a right to a lung transplant as much as anyone else! You fools WHAT if it was your DAUGHTER??????????Would you feel the same way?????

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