‘Mistresses': 5 Reasons You’ll Love Alyssa Milano’s Sexy Summer Series

Mon, June 3, 2013 11:10am EST by 12 Comments
Mistresses Review
Courtesy of ABC

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Posted at 2:21 PM on July 31, 2013  

It’s just a television show. Although not Academy Award winning, it’s tolerable ENTERTAINMENT! All who don’t like it, why watch! Now! Those of us who enjoy the show: Let’s Talk! Lol Savy’s baby: Her hubbies or Dominick’s? I’m hoping it’s Dominick’s…for the sake of ENTERTAINMENT/drama! Also, hope her husband forgives her…no matter whose baby it is! We’ll see…haha!

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Posted at 8:37 PM on July 11, 2013  

I LOVE THIS SHOW, It keeps you interested and isn’t stupid like Desperate Housewives was at times.I actually look foreword to the next episode and have always enjoyed watching Alyssa no matter what role she played.

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Marcus Alexander

Posted at 6:13 PM on July 3, 2013  

I actually really enjoy this show! I do however feel that it could use some “changes” to have an “bigger impact” [certain parts in the story line, are weak] , but overall its a good show. Everyone that is speaking about “how bad the acting is” or ” how not glamorous it isn’t” then -don’t watch it! It’s that simple. Turn to something else that meets your expectations. Let the people who “actually enjoy it” enjoy it and keep your negative statements to yourselves.I wish this show and all its actors the best!!

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Posted at 8:22 PM on June 27, 2013  

Agree with Rose it’s a good show the actresses are all great especially Alyssa ;) just enjoy or watch something else its that simple.

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Posted at 6:18 PM on June 17, 2013  

great show, just enjoy it and don’t over analyze everything, it’s entertainment only and not real life.

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Posted at 3:19 PM on June 11, 2013  

I agree. Simply awful & very difficult to watch for the bad acting and terrible racy plot lines. Alyssa Milano must be happy her co-stars are such bad actresses. They make her look good. Yunjin Kim especially. I cringe when she comes on. She’s trying too hrd to hide her accent also.

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Posted at 1:15 PM on June 11, 2013  

That’s one bad awful show. Alyssa Milano (a bad actress from the get-go) is painful to watch. That bathroom scene alone should banish her to daytime soap operas, IMO. Yunjin Kim is even worse, and frankly, her character gives all psychiatrists or psychologists a bad name. What is it with the US’s portrayal of therapists? They’re either criminally insane, murderous, loony or without any moral centre. April is bearable, but why doesn’t she ask for a fricking DNA test, already? The most fun is party-girl Joss, who’s about to fall into bed with a lesbian… but that’s not enough to hook me. Again, I don’t understand why Milano crops up all over the TV screen. She’s as bad as an actress can be. I’ve disliked her in every single thing she ever worked in. Frankly, in Charmed, I wish they’d kept Shannen Doherty (at least she’s interesting) and dumped Lyssie. And, BTW, Sisters, Cashmere and Mafia and that other show, I forget its name, were WAY better than Mistresses. Pull the plug.

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I should be allowed my anonymity--you have my e-mail

Posted at 6:09 PM on June 7, 2013  

Mistresses is just plain awful!!!!!

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Robyn Besemann

Posted at 1:18 PM on June 5, 2013  

I work with the devastated families of divorce and infidelity is one of the main reasons. To glamorize infidelity with a series ( Mistresses) is unimaginable! I have written its sponsors and asking everyone I know to do the same. MIstresses and cheating husbands is nothing to glamorize in any way with so much hurt in families. I truly hope this series will be a flop and will be taken off the air. I dare say that many who are working on it have also felt the pain of infidelity in their own lives.

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Johanna Tominsky

Posted at 5:09 PM on June 10, 2013  

you are so right. Can’t they think of something worth while to put on TV. Another dumb down America program.

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Posted at 2:02 PM on June 3, 2013  

Reblogged this on Welcome To My World (My Life My Way ツ. My Destiny).

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Posted at 11:44 AM on June 3, 2013  

my feelings go much deeper for this woman………….

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