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US Airways Pilot Heroically Lands Plane After Landing Gear Fails

Sat, May 18, 2013 2:07pm EDT by 7 Comments
Newark Plane Emergency Landing
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Pilot Edward Powers and his 34 passengers were in terror as their airplane’s landing equipment totally malfunctioned. With no wheels to land on, Edward kept his cool and dramatically — and safely — made an emergency landing on the plane’s belly on a Newark International Airport runway. Watch the astonishing video below.

You might think an airplane couldn’t land without its wheels — thankfully, Edward Powers was able to pull it off on May 18. Despite serious landing equipment malfunctions, the US Airways pilot Edward Powers was able to think on his toes and guide his plane and the 34 passengers inside it to safety.

Edward Powers: US Airways Pilot’s Heroic Emergency Landing

The landing gear wouldn’t come down as Edward began his small Dash 8-100 US Airways plane’s descent at about 1 AM. After several more failed attempts to lower the equipment, Edward realized that he would have to land the plane on its belly.

The pilot smartly made several circles above the Newark International Airport, burning off as much fuel as possible to reduce the possibility of a dangerous explosion, before finally attempting the treacherous landing.

As the belly of the plane touched down on the runway, sparks shot up from all directions and the plane dramatically scraped across the tarmac. It’s scary to watch — imagine how it must’ve felt to be in the aircraft. When all was said and done though, the plane and its passengers were unharmed, and were able to safely get off the plane. On their safe arrival, passengers were evacuated from the scene by a bus.

A spokesman for US Airways said they are cooperating with the National Transportation Security Board, which is investigating the incident. But the spokesman was also sure to note that it was Edward’s quick-thinking that likely saved many lives. “The landing of the aircraft on the ground is a testament to how well our crews are trained,” he said. “They are trained to think quickly and assess the situation and act with the utmost professionalism.”

It’s safe to say he did all that and more!

WATCH: US Airways Express Flight 4560 Emergency Belly Landing In Newark

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— Andrew Gruttadaro

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