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Justin Bieber: You’re Proving That You’re The Man Selena Gomez Wants

Fri, May 10, 2013 5:31pm EDT by Bonnie Fuller 82 Comments
Selena Gomez Justin Bieber

Justin, you’re clearly very serious about being the best boyfriend you can be to Selena Gomez, now that you’re reunited. has learned exclusively that you’re working hard to make Selena happy – good for you!

Justin Bieber, you are definitely a young man who learns from his mistakes, especially your relationship missteps with Selena Gomez.

Justin Bieber: You’ve Proved Yourself To Selena Gomez

Ever since you finally convinced Selena to fly fourteen hours to Sweden on April 22 to meet you so you could give your romance a second chance, you have totally followed through on the commitments you made to her.

Selena had dumped you ‘for good’ after the world caught you flirting with Victoria’s Secret models including  Barbara Palvin.

She rightly felt like she needed a boyfriend who was loyal and mature.

She was determined to make the split from you final.

But, after months of pursuing Selena by phone, text, and by sending your friends to see her to lobby for you, you did finally wear her down.

Justin & Selena: Back Together & Making It Work

Fortunately, by the time Selena stepped off that plane in Sweden, you were mentally ready to make the commitment to be the loyal, loving boyfriend that she wanted. You were prepared to step it up, and you have.

Your months away from Selena made you realize that, while there are millions of girls out there who want to date you or be your girlfriend — they are NOT Selena! And Selena was your best friend as well as your girlfriend.

Selena needed you to become more mature, and you admitted to her that you had a lot of growing up to do, and that you were ready to work on that, a source told Selena was really happy to hear that.

Justin and Selena both want to make it work, the source added. “They grew up together, and they are still obsessed with each other.”

Now, that Selena has had to return to LA for her work commitments, you’ve made sure to tell her how much you love her new video for “Come & Get It,” and you’ve told her that you love her music.

You’ve also been talking to her all the time about all the many things you want to do together with her when you’re back in the U.S.

You’re making it very clear that when you have a break from your tour from May 12 to June 22, you’ll be devoting yourself to working on your relationship with her.

Justin, we bet that Selena is impressed so far with the efforts you’re making. If you can keep on this path of maturing and treating her with the love and respect she deserves, you and Selena could make your romance even hotter and happier than ever  before. Do you agree HollywoodLifers? Let me know!

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