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’19 Kids & Counting’ — Jim Bob & Michelle Rekindle Their Love In Puerto Rico

Tue, April 30, 2013 11:32pm EDT by 4 Comments
19 Kids & Counting Marriage Retreat
Courtesy of TLC

Jim Bob and Michelle take a romantic vacation to Peurto Rico on a marriage retreat, and leave all the kids in the hands of the older girls. Plus, the four older girls give dating advice to a group of teens. Read on for the full ’19 Kids & Counting’ recap!

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar want to take some time to reconnect in their relationship, so they embark on a marriage retreat to Puerto Rico. Not only is the scenery beautiful, but the couple perform exercises to help strengthen their already strong marriage.

Jim Bob & Michelle Reconnect In Puerto Rico

It seems the biggest issue Michelle wants to work on in their relationship is making sure Jim Bob actually listens and pays attention to her. They each perform trust exercises one-on-one with the counselor individually as well as couples chat sessions. Jim Bob does a bending rebar exercise, and learns that letting go of fear — as in letting go of the fear that the bar will impale your throat and kill you — is similar to moving forward in a relationship.

Their relationship may seem perfect on the outside, but even the Duggars have their struggles, and they said that losing their daughter Jubilee, whom Michelle miscarried, was the hardest part of their marriage. They emotionally revealed that they worked hard to move past it and be there for each other, and they hope this retreat strengthens their bond.

Older Duggar Girls Talk Dating & Boys

The older Duggar girls have been taking care of the younger kids while their parents are out, but they were invited to speak at a birthday party that they couldn’t turn down. Luckily Grandma Duggar and Josh’s wife Anna are on hand to help out with the kids while JanaJillJinger and Jessa, speak at the birthday party for a group of teenage girls. Instead of lecturing them, the appearance had more of a girl-talk feel, and the Duggars each talked about their thoughts on dating and talking to boys.

They revealed that they considering dating as one thing only, and that’s for the purpose to find a husband. As of right now, no one is involved in a courtship, but they are “observing” boys in their school, and deciding on what traits they want in a husband.  Overall, they wanted to let the girls at the party know that there’s no shame in waiting on dating, and they should respect themselves enough to be picky with their boyfriends.

Jim Bob & Michelle Snorkel In Street Clothes

In an exciting adventure for the couple, they go snorkeling in the ocean to discover the beautiful marine life. There’s a marriage lesson in there somewhere — something about how there’s always beauty underneath the surface if you’re willing to look for it — but the actual day trip and spending time together was also warm bonding experience.

The Duggars took to the water in what made them comfortable, which was regular street clothes instead of swimwear — Jim Bob in jean cut-offs, and Michelle in a dress. Although it looked incredibly heavy, they were able to swim around and explore all of the beautiful ocean life.

A few days later, they venture even further outside of their comfort zone with a zipline tour! They were scared to death, but all of their adventures brought them closer than ever.

We’re so glad the Duggars had fun on their marriage retreat, but it was clear they missed their family when they returned! What did YOU think of the episode, HollyMoms? Do you think Michelle and Jim Bob are stronger than ever after their retreat?

WATCH: Older Duggar Girls Speak At A Birthday Party

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