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Mom Of 3 Girls Killed By Aunt In Car Crash Shares Struggle To Go On

Thu, April 18, 2013 11:06am EDT by 5 Comments
Jackie Hance Interveiw
Courtesy of NBC, Courtesy photo

Jackie Hance, who tragically lost her three daughters when her sister-in-law drove drunk the wrong way on New York State’s Taconic Parkway and caused a fiery head-on collision, reveals her life-shattering grief for the first time since the accident. Watch her emotional interview.

Jackie Hance suffered unspeakable tragedy on July 26, 2009, when her sister-in-law Diane Schuler, driving Jackie’s three daughters and her own two childen down New York State’s Taconic Parkway nearly two miles in the wrong direction, slammed head-on into an oncoming SUV — killing Jackie’s daughters and Diane’s 2-year-old and  three passengers in the SUV. Later toxicoligy results revealed Diane had a blood alcohol level of .19, nearly twice the legal limit.

Jackie Hance Speaks Out About Car Crash For First Time

For the first time since the horrific car accident that ripped her precious daughters away from her, Jackie has spoken out about her grief and struggles to forgive and move forward with her new memoir I’ll See You Again, and an interview with NBC’s Ann Curry.

Jackie tells Ann she still feels a level of responsibility for not protecting her daughters. She says:

I’m their mom, and supposed to protect them, and I didn’t. It’s just hard not to blame yourself. I’m not blaming myself for the accident. I’m blaming myself for them not being here. You know, it’s just — they’re not here. And I’m their mom.

The grieving mother also added that much like many other family members, she didn’t know her sister-in-law to drink. She adds:

I never knew her to drink. So why would she be drinking with my kids in the car and her kids in the car? Like, it’s in– no. Just no. I just thought, ‘It’s impossible, and it m– it was a mistake.’

Jackie Hace Welcomes Baby Girl Two Years After Accident

Jackie also reveals in her new memoir that throughout the immense tragedy, which nearly ended her marriage to husband Warren, she was able to find solace and peace in the hopes that people remember the legacy of her three daughters through her book. She and Warren also welcomed a baby girl in 2011.

Watch Jackie’s emotional interview below, and be sure to tune in to the Today show and Rock Center on April 19 for more of the emotional video.

WATCH: Jackie Hance’s Interview On NBC

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