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‘American Idol’ Finalists Talk Boston Bombing: Angie Miller & More

Tue, April 16, 2013 6:57pm EDT by Russ Weakland Add first Comment
American Idol Finalists Boston Bombing
Courtesy of Fox

With the tragic events that happened in Boston, hometown girl Angie Miller and her fellow ‘American Idol’ hopefuls shared their thoughts on what they have planned to pay tribute to the people and families that were put in this tragic act of terrorism.

The remaining five American Idol contestants gave their exclusive thoughts on what they should (and will) be doing for those affected by the April 15 Boston bombings. In times of tragedy, many people look for solace in entertainment. And with American Idol now down to the final five, the contestants’ songs can help in that process. spoke exclusively with the remaining Idol hopefuls to find out what they’d like to see done for the victims of the Boston Marathon bombing.

Angie Miller Discusses Her Tribute

“I don’t know about a group number, but for me personally, definitely from being from there, I am 100 percent singing one of my songs for Boston,” Angie told us. “It is dedicated to them and I want them to know that. Yesterday was a terrible day, and I couldn’t really focus on anything, and I definitely want to do something for them. … With the song I am doing, ‘I’ll Stand By You,’ the lyrics are perfect; I want to sing it to Boston and I think it will help so much! I really want to do that!”

Angie even knew people who were near the incident.

“I know so many people that were there and watched it happen,” she told us. “They are all OK, everyone I know is OK, but I know so many people that were there, and they saw it and ran! Just awful!”

The Other Idols Share Their Thoughts

Amber Holcomb

“They might change it, but we got our group songs way before that happened! So I don’t know, but that would be very nice, though! It would be nice to do a tribute.”

Candice Glover

“I really am hoping and praying that they do acknowledge it, because it is something that needs to be addressed. Its such a sad case. I am a really paranoid and scared person, so I really feel for those people that had to go through that. I don’t know if we are too late to perform something in honor of them, but Thursday’s group performance could definitely be dedicated to them, and I think that would be a really good idea.”

Janelle Arthur

“You know what? I am not sure what we will do this week. I am sure that there will be something said about Boston. The judges might say something; as far as I know, we have a medley of songs planned. I don’t know if we will be adding anything at this point, but we might make an announcement. We should do something, nonetheless!”

Kree Harrison

“Hopefully, we will do something. We should all request that because what happened was terrible. We were all affected by it emotionally, even though we live in a bit of a bubble. Not being able to do anything but tweet makes you feel helpless, and everyone feels that way when stuff happens to our country. We want to do something, even if all we can do is pray or whatever you choose to do. So yes, it is sad, and I hope that we do something! I am going to say something today that we should do something!”

So HollywoodLifers, do you think that American Idol should honor those affected by the Boston Marathon bombing?

Russ Weakland

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