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Lazaro Arbos: I’ll Never Cry On National TV Again

Thu, March 28, 2013 5:10pm EDT by 9 Comments
Lazaro Arbos Forgets Lyrics
Courtesy of FOX

After shedding a few tears on March 20, Lazaro is vowing never to cry on TV again. On March 27, however, the singer’s will was tested when Nicki Minaj and his fellow contestants slammed him after a poor group performance!

Tensions are rising on American Idol as more contestants continue to get eliminated, and Lazaro Arbos is doing his best to withstand the heat. The contestant completely forgot his lyrics during a group performance on March 27, and was slammed by Nicki Minaj as well as fellow contestants Burnell Taylor and Devin Velez. After crying on stage the previous week, Lazaro is now saying that he will never cry again on national television, regardless of what happens in the future.

Lazaro Arbos Forgets His Lyrics

After Lazaro flubbed his lyrics during a group number with Burnell and Devin, he was bombarded with criticism by Nicki. However, in spite of her harsh words — she told him to “get off the stage” — the singer remains positive. He told, “I’ve gotten to the point where I worry about the people that love me no matter what, so if that’s how she felt – so what. I love her regardless and she knows that.”

He also reflected on his March 20 performance, where he let his emotions take over. He said, “I think I learned last week that when I walked off the stage I promised myself that I would never cry on national TV in my life. And that the past was past. So the song went bad and so what? I can’t go back, I felt good about my 1st song so I hope that the people watching vote based on that song rather than the group song.”

Burnell Taylor & Devin Velez Insult Lazaro Arbos

Lazaro may still have love for the “Va Va Voom” singer even after her harsh words, but he also took some flack from his buds. Burnell, Devin, and Lazaro came together to sing “I Can’t Help Myself (Sugar Pie Honey Bunch).” When asked if his feelings were hurt after the guys called him out for his messy performance, Lazaro was a little confused. He said, “Um, when did they call me out?”

Regardless of whether Lazaro was aware of the diss or not, he certainly had a rough night.

Do you think Lazaro will be able to control his emotions on the next episode, HollywoodLifers?

WATCH: Burnell Taylor, Lazaro Arbos, and Devin Velez Perform “I Can’t Help Myself (Sugar Pie Honey Bunch)”
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— By Tiffany Gagnon, Reporting By Russ Weakland

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