Shakira Loses Out On Top Acts On ‘The Voice’ Premiere

Tue, March 26, 2013 8:06am EST by 14 Comments
Shakira The Voice
Courtesy of NBC

The new judge struggled to hold her ground during the season four premiere of ‘The Voice,’ and lost out on one of her favorite singers to veteran judge Adam Levine! How do YOU think she did?

Shakira came into The Voice season four premiere with her signature high energy and enthusiasm, but the Colombian superstar failed to impress the vocal acts competing on stage — and ended up losing some of her favorite contestants to rival judge Adam Levine.

On the March 26 premiere, the Hips Don’t Lie singer, who is new to the judge’s revolving chair, was left with just two contestants — one of which was forced to pick Shakira because she was the only judge to turn her chair around, and another who said he only picked her because “his wife wouldn’t forgive him” if he didn’t go with her.

The most talented acts of the night slipped through Shakira’s fingers, and the singer who made the biggest impression, Judith Hill, went with season one winner Adam, despite Shakira’s pitch.

Shakira Pleads For Judith Hill To Join Her Team

“I know that if I help you, you will win The Voice,” Shakira told Judith. But it was Adam’s desperate please that won her over.

“I am going to claw everyone’s face until you realise that I am your frigging coach. I am going to light myself on fire to make sure that you are on my team,” Adam said. “You are the first person to ever come on the show and sing a Christina Aguilera song as well as Christina Aguilera… I’m going to have a panic attack if you don’t choose me because I know that you are going to win.”

So Judith chose Adam — and Shakira lost out again! Hopefully, the new mom will have better luck as the first rounds continue!

How do YOU think Shakira did as a judge HollywoodLifers? Do you think she will come back this season? Let us know in the comments below!

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– Christina Stiehl

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Posted at 11:45 PM on April 24, 2013  

Shakira does not know how to pick battle round winners. The only thing I can possible think, is the producers are telling her who she has to pick, she can’t possible be this lame. She’s just been giving away her best talent from the beginning of the battle rounds.

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Mary Ann

Posted at 6:45 PM on April 23, 2013  

I have been amazed with Shatari, I am watching the Voice because she is so amazing. She has put spice into this show. She is one of the most talented female artist I have ever seen and I am 66, but, very into music. She moves like a Goddest, speaks like a Columbian Angel and one of the most beautiful female artist I have ever watched. Hopefully one day I will see her in person…. Thank you Shakari, you are GORGEOUS, Thank you.

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Monica isaac

Posted at 11:04 PM on April 22, 2013  

Loved watching Shakira during the blind auditions. Now after all the negative comments she is just sitting there, unmotivated, stripped of her energy. How refreshing it is to have a global artist with such undeniable talant on the shaw. I hope her energy and sense of humor come back.

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Anne Mason

Posted at 10:27 PM on April 23, 2013  

Shakira is anything but unmotivated. Believe me, negative comments don’t really affect her and she probably doesn’t even read them anyway. There is just less of an opportunity to be humorous on the battle rounds because they are more serious. She’s very motivated and energetic, look how enthusiastic she is with her contestants.

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Jake Crowley

Posted at 1:40 PM on April 11, 2013  

The show is 10 times better with Shakira and Usher vs. Christina and Cee-Lo! Cee-Lo and his vacuous spewing of every big word in the dictionary he could remember and Christina constantly reminding the contestants about how great she was and how they could never compare just got old. The humor and the obvious respect the judges show toward one another is so much better this year. Formerly, if the contestant wanted to learn more about the science of music, Adam and Blake were the only choices. Now they have 4 choices. Not saying that Cee-Lo and Christina couldn’t perform music well (that would be ridiculous), but performing well and communicating (i.e., coaching!) were not their strengths. Rather they settled for buzzwords and bravado. Of course, entertainment is totally subjective, but that’s my take on it. Sing on!

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Jennifer Semilla

Posted at 4:44 PM on April 6, 2013  

You are right. She is just eye candy, and eye candy that sold much more album than xtina and won much more awards, she also has more Fb than all the judges form The voice together…Maybe she is just aye candy definitely a more succesful eye candy than xtina.

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Posted at 1:57 AM on April 3, 2013  

Well we always knew that she can never be Christina Aguilera . Shakira is an eye candy and is here to add glamour to the show. Do not expect anything more from her.

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Anne Mason

Posted at 5:07 PM on April 11, 2013  

“Do not expect anything more from her”…oh well, I guess you’re just another person who doesn’t know much about Shakira.
Shakira is certainly beautiful, but her looks are not what got her famous. Back in the nineties when she started, she barely showed any skin but was hugely successful. She has an IQ of 140 and is extremely poetic with her lyrics and music, which she writes herself. She can also play several instruments and speak several languages, and is known worldwide.
Despite no one picking her (although I’m sure if they knew more of her music they would), I wouldn’t be at all surprised if she ended up winning. She’s very driven and hard-working, she will do whatever it takes.

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Mary Ann

Posted at 6:48 PM on April 23, 2013  

She is so talented, beautiful, smart, how can anyone be negative, look at how she moves, wow, she cares, she loves her audience!!!!!

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Posted at 11:30 PM on April 1, 2013  

Oh well, no matter what, she’s still Shakira. And we’re not. I’d watch her making a grocery list. For hours.

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bummojo (@Bummojo)

Posted at 4:31 PM on March 31, 2013  

I think Shakira is still trying to feel her way around in the new game. But she’s super adorable. I think she is uber talented and has lots to offer any contestant who joins her team.

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just saying..

Posted at 3:07 AM on March 27, 2013  

i think shakira needs to step it up a bit. i mean, she’s really talented, and she could offer a lot of things for the contestants, but she’s not pushing it too much. Christina, well, even in her most absurd ways, there was a lot of wonderful artists who picked her over Adam and Blake and Cee Lo, but was stupid enough to let them go. So Shakira, bring on the girl power, and lets see a winner from the voice whose coach is a women!

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Elizabeth Downing

Posted at 7:22 PM on March 26, 2013  

Wrong statement about Christina and Cee Lo….

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Posted at 2:22 PM on March 26, 2013  

I think she did great!!! and sodid Usher, love them , love them, love them………….Judith should compete among the pros; she is much more experienced than the others, not fair, conditions are not equal.

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