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Newtown Parents Cry Out To Congress: Pass Assault Weapons Ban

Fri, March 22, 2013 4:27pm EDT by Emily Longeretta 2 Comments
Sandy Hook Victims

In Washington, Congress dropped the proposed assault weapons ban on Tuesday, Mar. 19. Now, parents from Newtown, Conn. are speaking out in protest, begging that the ban go through.

Mayor Bloomberg and Vice president Joe Biden lent their voices to the parents of the victims lost in the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School, protesting against Congress, who decided to drop the ban on assault weapons.

Sandy Hook Victims Demand Assault Weapons Ban

A City Hall meeting that had already been planned for Biden and Bloomberg turned into a protest against Congress’ decision on Thursday, Mar. 21, when they were joined by three grieving families of the victims from Sandy Hook Elementary’s shootingThe Daily News reports.

“Quite honestly, I’m really ashamed to see that Congress doesn’t have the guts to stand up and make a change,” Neil Heslin said. Niel’s son Jesse Lewis was among the innocent children who were killed in the Dec. 14 shooting.

“Congress, step up and make a change,” he said in an emotional speech, where he also explained the last time he saw his six-year-old son. “There needs to be a ban on assault weapons, weapons of war, and high-capacity magazines. These weapons have no place, no use, on our streets or in our schools.”

Others in attendance included Chris and Lynn McDonnell, parents of victim Grace McDonnell, and the family of Lauren Rousseau, a teacher who was killed that day but remembered as a hero.

“We’d ask everyone who has power to influence legislation in this area, and of course those whose job it is to vote on the legislation, to ask themselves if they are doing enough,” Lynn said. “And if they are not, to ask themselves why. Why shouldn’t we be doing everything we can to bring about change?”

Bloomberg & Biden Support Grieving Victims

NYC Mayor Bloomberg and Joe Biden agreed with grieving family, showing their support and speaking up.

“We really need national leadership in Washington if we’re going to stop this scourge,” Bloomberg expressed.

“It must be awful, being in public office and concluding that even though you might believe you should take action you can’t take action because of the political consequence you face,” Biden added. “What a heckuva way to make a living. What a heckuva way to have to act.”

“A weapon of war has no place on American streets and taking it off American streets would have no impact on one’s constitutional rights.”

Victims’ Parents Meet Adam Lanza’s Father

The families of the victims are speaking out as well – one to the father of shooter Adam Lanza.

On an interview on CBS This Morning that aired Friday, Mar. 22, Robbie and Alissa Parker, the parents of victim Emilie, opened up about their meeting with the shooter’s fatherPeter Lanza.

“I wanted to tell him that there was a lot of hope and opportunity to gain from this, that he held the keys too,” Alissa said of the emotional hour-long conversation. “There was information and things to be learned … and without his cooperation it would go no where.”

WATCH: Robbie & Alissa Parker Reveal Conversation With Adam Lanza’s Father

— Emily Longeretta

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