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Parents Of Newtown Victim Meet With Shooter Adam Lanza’s Father

Fri, March 22, 2013 1:00pm EDT by Emily Longeretta 8 Comments
Newtown Shooting Victim Family
Courtesy of Facebook/CBS

After the terribly sad loss of their six-year-old daughter in the Newtown tragedy, Emilie Parker’s parents decided to meet with Peter Lanza, the killer’s father.

Robbie and Alissa Parker revealed the details of the private conversation they had with Adam Lanza‘s father about his son’s actions at Sandy Hook Elementary and if they feel he’s responsible. See the full interview. The emotional conversation took place Jan. 23, and lasted over an hour, Robbie and Alissa told CBS This Morning on March 22.

The meeting was encouraged by Peter Lanza after he saw the press conference in which Robbie spoke out after losing his daughter in the massacre that occurred at Sandy Hook Elementary School on Dec 14. 2012.

“And we want everybody to know that our hearts and our prayers go out to them,” Robbie had said in the press conference. “This includes the family of the shooter.”

Alissa, Emilie’s mother also had a message for Peter.

“I wanted to tell him that there was a lot of hope and opportunity to gain from this, that he held the keys to,” she said during the new interview. “There was information and things to be learned … and without his cooperation it would go no where.”

Does Emilie’s Mother Blame Adam’s Parents?

When asked if they blamed Peter for the tragic killings, Alissa explained that he wasn’t completely guilty or completely innocent.

“I feel like he’s made mistakes … I don’t feel like he gets the pass, but I don’t feel like he should be responsible for what happened that day,” she said. “That was not ultimately his decision to do that. So, how can I hold him responsible for that? Were there missteps in the raising of his son? Possibly.”

CBS also asked if Alissa and Robbie felt Adam’s mother, who was killed by Adam that day, was guilty.

“Looking from the outside in, it’s hard to not think that there were things that she could have saw,” Alissa said. “But I’m not in her place. I don’t understand their dynamics and their situation so I’m never going to understand that. Does she have accountability? Oh I think she has a lot of accountability. Do I think it was her fault? I’m sure that there were things that, you know, she’s gonna have to be accountable for. But again, it’s not my burden to carry.”

WATCH: Robbie & Alissa Parker Reveal Details To ‘CBS This Morning’

CBS News

— Emily Longeretta

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