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Kim Kardashian Fires Back At Haters: I’m Pregnant, Not Fat

Wed, March 20, 2013 11:35am EDT by 121 Comments
Kim Kardashian Fat

The mom-to-be’s famous body has been growing before the public’s eye after announcing in December that she was expecting. But while she packs on the pregnancy pounds, Kim is standing up for herself against all the negativity!

Kim Kardashian is more than five months along in her pregnancy, and she’s already packed on the baby weight to her tiny 5-foot, 2-inch frame. But while her pregnant body keeps changing — and her experimental maternity fashion shows off her growing frame — Kim has been hit with fierce criticism by people calling her fat!

Kim has faced the mean taunts ever since she announced her pregnancy in December, especially by trolls online and on social media. And while the reality start — with more than 17 million Twitter followers — is used to the barrage of hateful comments and insults, it is much more hurtful while she’s pregnant.

“People can be so mean,” Kim told Us Weekly. “It’s not cool and it’s not fair.” She also revealed to the magazine that the haters have taunted her weight gain as far back as December — when she was still in her first trimester!

“People are saying, ‘you’re so fat!'” she told the magazine. “I’m like, dude, I’m pregnant! Social media gives people the guts to say mean things.”

Kim Kardashian: ‘A Lot’ Over Fat Jokes

But while everyone from social media trolls to TV personalities makes comments about her expanding shape — Donald Trump poked fun at her body on Howard Stern’s radio show — Kim is trying to not let it affect her on the outside, even if it hurts on the inside.

“Kim’s cried a lot. She’s tough, but to have your weight joked about sucks,” a source tells Us Weekly. 

Despite Kim’s hard efforts to keep the baby weight at bay — she trains with celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson and is sticking to a healthy diet — she will inevitably pack on the pounds, and she needs to ignore all the hateful comments!

What do YOU think of Kim firing back at the negative stories HollyMoms? Do you agree that she should defend herself?

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— Christina Stiehl

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