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Justin Bieber: If You Want Selena Gomez Back, Listen To ‘Rule The World’

Wed, March 13, 2013 7:11pm EDT by Bonnie Fuller 45 Comments
Justin Bieber Selena Gomez New Song
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Justin, I hope you have ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez’s new song on repeat on your iPod. She’s giving you a message that could help you win her back.

Justin Bieber, I’m sure you’ve been listening to Selena Gomez‘s catchy new single “Rule the World,” and you know that it’s all about the two of you.

Selena has clearly learned a lot from her BFF Taylor Swift, who’s built a career writing and singing songs about her exes.

Now Selena has poured her heart out about her two year romance with you, and she confesses to a mix of conflicting emotions.

Selena Says You Two Were Perfect Together

On one hand, she makes the heartbreaking statement that “you came and broke the perfect girl, our love was meant to rule the world.”

She’s right, Justin – she was the perfect girl for you. She understands you and understood the world of superstardom that you were and are living in. But she was also a teen like you, who grew up with a single mom and experienced hardships and troubles before making it big – just like you did.

The two of you connected on so many levels. You both had to work incredibly hard to make it against all odds, coming up from nothing. But yet, you both stayed grounded in the love of your families and old friends.

She’s saying that you were so right for each other – “our love was made to rule the world,” it was so right and powerful.

But that now she’s so heartbroken and fed up with you that she wants you to “forget you ever knew my name” and that she’s “tired of the things you never, you never said.”

She Misses You, Justin

I know that it’s confusing Justin because she’s upset with you , but on the other hand, she’s still leaving the door open for you , because she deeply misses what you two had together, singing “you left me wanting what we were.”

So Justin, she’s not so over you that her heart is totally closed. It’s not.

Selena is still hurting badly. “I try to tell myself this pain would go away,” she sings. And you know what that means. Justin – if she’s still in pain and she’s missing what you two had together, then she still loves you.

A part of her wants the real love that you two had together, back. She wants you two to rediscover the best of what you had. The door to her heart is still open, at least a crack.

And Justin, you are still calling her. You haven’t totally thrown in the towel. You miss your “mamacita,” your little “honey bee” and you haven’t connected in any meaningful way with another girl since the two of you broke up.

Now Justin – Selena is telling you what she needs for you to win her back. You need to say the things “you never said” – that you will be devoted to her and your love together, that you are committed to your love as a true couple  again, and that you won’t be flirting and more, with other girls!

Can you do that, Justin? Have you realized yet what a great thing you had together and that it’s irreplaceable? Listen to Selena’s song again and if you truly love her – don’t let her go!

What do YOU think HollywoodLifers? Can Justin win Selena back and is she telling him in “Rule the World” that she’s open to it?

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— Bonnie Fuller

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