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Justin Bieber & Ashton Kutcher ‘Swatter’: I Did It

Mon, March 11, 2013 6:01pm EDT by 2 Comments
Ashton Kutcher Swatter

The 12-year-old who pranked Justin and Ashton’s houses by calling 911 has given himself up and admitted to the crimes — well, one of them at least. Keep reading to hear about the minor criminal’s day in court.

Ashton Kutcher may have gotten justice on Mar. 11, but Justin Bieber was not as lucky.

12-Year-Old Admits To ‘Swatting’ Ashton Kutcher

The 12-year-old who was charged with calling in a fake report of a gun battle inside the actor’s house — otherwise known as “swatting” — admitted to the crime during his court hearing.

Specifically, the kid called 911 and said that there were multiple people inside Ashton’s house with guns and explosives, and added that one person had already been shot. Cops raced to the home only to find that the whole thing was a sick joke.

Justin Bieber’s Swat: Charges Being Dropped?

The same thing happened to Justin, and though the same pre-teen boy was charged with swatting the Biebs, he did NOT admit to the crime along with the Ashton case. A representative for the district attorney told TMZ that the charge will likely be dismissed — perhaps he cut a deal, and by admitting to the Ashton prank, he’ll be acquitted of the Justin prank.

The mini-criminal was returned to his parents after the hearing and a sentencing date is impending. It is not a jury trial, so the judge has complete discretion over what happens to the minor. Reportedly, the judge could choose to punish him by making him serve his time at home or worse, at a group facility.


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— Andrew Gruttadaro

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