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‘Teen Mom 2’ Recap: Leah Finally Leaves Jeremy For Corey

Tue, March 5, 2013 12:32am EDT by 9 Comments
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Leah has finally made her decision when it comes to the two important men in her life — and she ended up giving Jeremy back her engagement ring! Meanwhile, Jenelle gets back together with Kieffer, Chelsea finds out she’s not pregnant and Kailyn works on co-parenting with Jo. Read on for the full recap.

Leah Messer has been playing with the hearts of two important men in her life — her baby daddy and ex-husband Corey Simms, and her new fiance Jeremy Calvert — but on the March 4 episode of Teen Mom 2, she finally makes up her mind about which guy she wants to go for.

Leah Gives Jeremy Her Engagement Ring Back

Leah is still struggling with her feelings for Jeremy and Corey, but starts to realize that she is better off seeing where her relationship with Corey stands since he “makes her family complete.” Even though they divorced a year prior over concerns about a truck, a trailer and a pre-wedding affair (the classic West Virginia divorce trifecta), she has her heart set on Corey.

Leah says when their family did work (aka when they weren’t fighting over a trailer or her ex-boyfriend Robbie Kidd), it worked pretty darn good. She thinks there’s a better chance with him than Jeremy, even though he’s literally just waiting in the wings until Leah gets her stuff together

“If I was him, I’d already left my a**!” Leah tells her friend Kayla. We would have too, Leah.

So she meets up with Corey — while Jeremy is out of town for work, naturally — and they both decide to lay it all out on the table. In a rare moment of rationality, Leah reveals that all of this back and forth is not only fair to each of them, but also their daughters. “They know when daddy and mommy is together and when they are not,” Leah says.

But Corey keeps saying that he’s scared. Not of her two-toned hair and orange tan, but that she will cheat again like she did the first time around, or change her mind agin. It’s a valid concern, but he can’t seem to move past this fear. Regardless, Leah says they should just see how their relationship works together since they’re adults, if only by law.

Which means she has to break the news to Jeremy. When she tells him she wants to go to counseling with her ex, and to see where their relationship stands, Jeremy is understandably annoyed. “That pretty much means we’re done?” Jeremy asks. After throwing some insults out about Corey, Jeremy asks for his ring back, which Leah gives. Then he says goodbye to the girls and storms out.

Jenelle Gets Back Together With Kieffer

After ending her relationship with Gary Head, Jenelle Evans hears Kieffer is getting out of jail, and wants to have him come visit her. She’ll have to pay for his bus ticket, naturally. But when she brings this up to her mom Barbara Evans, she has some legitimate concerns — namely, that Kieffer is a homeless thug, and Jenelle is (reportedly) sober.

“Going back to your old ways?” Barbara asks in her twang. Of course Jenelle says she won’t smoke every day like she used to or get in trouble with the law, she says Kieffer isn’t even the same guy anymore because he is much more mature. Babs just wants to make sure Kieffah doesn’t bring her down again — or at least, doesn’t get her busted for breaking and entering again.

But in a silver lining, Jenelle goes to court with her lawyer Dustin R. T. Sullivan, and is taken off probation! So now she can finally hang out with Kieffer, who visits her in North Carolina all the way from New Jersey. He said he missed Jenelle and needed a break (a break from jail?), and the two clearly and quickly rekindle their old flame. Kieffer did say he finally got his GED, which is a huge plus, but he didn’t seem to pass the “stay out of jail” course. Maybe next semester.

Chelsea Is Relieved She’s Not Pregnant Again

Chelsea Houska is getting her life together and doing well in cosmetology school, but seems to put it all on hold as soon as baby daddy Adam Lind calls. When he says he wants to meet up with her to see Aubree, Chelsea gets super excited and can’t wait to see him — only to hear back from him a couple hours later saying he’s bailing on their plans.

Even though Adam says he’s “too tired” to hang out, Chelsea sees on Facebook that he is actually going to see a movie! Hint: when lying to your social media-addicted baby mama, don’t reveal your actual plans on social media. Chelsea also comes clean to her mom that she and Adam hooked up, and she didn’t use protection. Her mom is annoyed, but not really as angry as she should have been.

But it all turns out OK because Chelsea finally gets her period, and she promises she’ll be back at the gyno to have her IUD put back in! No more babies for a while.

Kailyn Eager For Co-Parenting Classes With Jo

As Kailyn Lowry and Jo Rivera work to co-parent their son Isaac, they must attend court-ordered co-parenting classes. Jo even tells his mom that the classes will be a positive step for them because they need to learn to co-parent together without all of the back-and-froth drama.

Kailyn is also eager to work on her co-parenting with Jo, because taking care of Isaac together has been a lot more difficult than either one planned. But when Kail reveals the details behind the co-parenting classes, her boyfriend Javi Marroquin is annoyed. He says Kailyn is defending Jo (who did get physical with her), and isn’t seeing the situation rationally.

But co-parenting aside, Kailyn signs up for classes for the next semester, and says she can only handle two classes at a time. Any more than that, and she’ll be forced with withdraw. At that rate, she’ll finish community college in 5-and-a-half years. But her academic advisor insists that’s common in community college — especially when you have a kid and a job on top of classes.

Meanwhile, Kailyn still needs to figure out what she’s doing with her life and what she truly wants to study. She can’t pick a career path, and it’s taking her forever to graduate. Her friend jokes that maybe she and Isaac will finish college at the same time (but seriously).

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— Christina Stiehl

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