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Billy Zane To Daughter Eva: Good Luck Finding A Man As Cool As Me

Tue, March 5, 2013 12:59pm EDT by Emily Longeretta 4 Comments
Billy Zane Fatherhood
Getty, Pacific Coast News

The actor opened up to on March 4 all about how he plans to help guide his 2-year-old daughter when she starts dating — and why his new role as a mormon father in ‘Electrick Children’ was so different from his own role as dad!

Billy Zane‘s character in Electrick Children arranges a marriage for his step-daughter, played by Julia Garner, who claims she got pregnant by listening to music. However, Billy told EXCLUSIVELY how he really raises his daughter, and how he’ll react when she starts dating.

The Cinema Society & Make Up For Ever hosted a screening of Electrick Children on Monday, March 4. The party was on the rooftop of the Hotel Americano in NYC, where celebs were spotted sipping on Belvedere cocktails.

During the glamorous evening, Billy, 47, revealed that while the father he plays in the new film is completely different from the one he plays at home to two-year-old daughter Eva Katerina, one thing will stay the same.

“Unconditional love,” the father of one said. “We didn’t want to make the character a real obstacle or a bad guy, but he’s maybe a stick in the mud to her wacky plans. But like, who wouldn’t be?” Billy told EXCLUSIVELY.

“It’s just simply trying to be as understanding and forgiving and loving as you possibly can. Even though he’s not the natural father, he’s the stepfather. It’s still knowing that he’s going to be as understanding as he can be,” he added.

Billy Zane Will Set The Bar High For His Daughter

So, although Eva isn’t anywhere close to dating yet, Billy told us how he plans to deal with that when the time comes.

“I think that’s probably difficult to exercise,” Billy said about how much he plans to get into her relationships. “At a certain age, it’s not. It’s completely logical, when you talk about going out. But of course you want what’s best for your daughter.”

Billy strongly believes that, although she’s still a baby, it’s all about how you start raising your children. Now that’s the way he plans to prevent any issues in the years down the road.

“What I hope to do is instill a sense of priorities and an inboard character filter from the gate, so you don’t have to do the thinking for them,” Billy revealed. “And ultimately, I hope to give the highest representation of what a man is to her. You know, that’s what every father’s job should be — ‘here’s the bar, good luck finding somebody as cool as your dad. And when you do, bring him home and we’ll talk.'”

For some reason, we’re pretty sure that his daughter will have a difficult time finding someone as cool as her dad! He has set some example.

“That’s really where it should ride! As opposed to not trusting them at all, giving them a terrible example, and trying to micromanage and then force them into some behavior out of rebellion and retaliation that you really regret.”

— Emily Longeretta

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