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‘Project Runway’ Recap: Joan Rivers Judges ‘Ageless’ Challenge

Fri, March 1, 2013 12:59pm EDT by 5 Comments
Courtesy of Bravo

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Troubles Spark on this week’s episode! Rachel Roy fills in for Zac, while Joan Rivers and her daughter guest star as judges! Can the Fashion Police star give any helpful advice to these hopeful wannabes?
This week starts off with Daniel feeling like he needs to redeem himself after being in the bottom last week. I have no worries that he will do just that. Since Michelle is now a “lone wolf” she is put to work with Patricia and Layana. Ironically enough Michelle really did NOT want to work with Patricia, she is just really out to get poor Patricia. What do you have against her ?

Today’s challenge started by the designers walking into a room of sweet old ladies showing us some moves iv’e never seen on the dance floor and getting their groove on. What could be better than that?! “Good fashion is ageless and timeless.” The challenge is to create a look for the mature client that each designer was assigned to based on what the client wants and likes. This will be a 1-day challenge with 30 minutes to shop and a $200 dollar budget for each look. I can’t wait to see what they come up with . This challenge Kind of makes me wish my sweet old lady Cindy . Once in the workroom Amanda begins to struggle as she is “spinning into a dark place.” Who knew Barbie had a dark side… Tim is concerned about Stanley but Stanley remains to be confident on the pantsuit look he is creating. I really believe in Stanley’s skills and I think he has great potential in this competition but not sure about that jumpsuit ! Tim is also scared for Kate; he thinks that her look is cutting her client in half with the heavy winter fabric on top, and the light spring fabric on the bottom. His face just reads “YIIKESSS” with that one.

As Tim goes to check on team 3 some (Layana, Michelle, Patricia) he is excited to see Michelle’s look and likes Layana’s as well. Patricia on the other hand…uh oh. Her look is looking like a poncho or as her teammates describe it, a “potato sack.” It looks like their team isn’t working as a team to help Patricia’s tragic potato sack. I have to say that look in Patricia’s eye when Tim is giving her his critique is very scary , she almost looked like she was going to scalp him .Now Michelle is complaining again “no surprise ” they will lose because of Patricia but Michelle will go home for it just based on past challenges.
This week’s team struggle award unfortunately has to be awarded to Amanda and Ben. Ben is very worried about Amanda’s look which she thinks looks like a vintage housecoat. Tim had to agree with that one too. I’m not sure if Amanda’s mess can be mended. She even is embarrassed with her look.
Today’s judges include Rachel Roy who is filling in for Zac Posen and guest judges are Joan Rivers and Melissa Rivers. I cannot wait to hear what Joan has to say about some of these looks. I know I will be getting a good laugh out of that. I hope these designers can take Joan or hope Joan don’t take them!
While watching the looks come down the runway I could not stop grinning. These old ladies were too adorable and fierce in every way. They are giving the models a run for their money. It’s always great to see women who are not models on the runway, having a great time and just being positive on that runway. Great job lady’s I know who I am booking for New York fashion week.

Michelle and Layana were given the high scores today but Patricia’s score brought them down so they couldn’t win. I’m sure team 3 some has learned to work as a team after that and I am sure Michelle is still complaining about Patricia.

The highest scores of this weeks challenge are Stanley + Richard and Daniel + Samantha. The lowest scores were Amanda + Ben and Tu + Kate.

Now let me take a moment and talk about what Joan Rivers said and though about some of the winning and losing looks. For Daniel’s look she said, “She looks like a first wife. She should look like a GILF” On the other hand Joan thought that Samantha’s client looked like a menopausal kitten.

Richard and Stanley’s looks got good reviews from the judges overall. Joan thought that Stanley’s client looked like the second wife and she said “You have great knees show them b*tch,” to Richard’s client. I think I had way to much fun watching that critique, I felt like I was watching Fashion Police and Project Runway at the same time! I see a permanent spot for Joan Rivers on project runway . Hey maybe even host it !

Unfortunately for Kate, Tu’s ill fitting look brought her down even when all the judges liked her look but the judges all really had problems with Amanda + Bens looks. The judges thought that Amanda’s dress had a lot of mistakes and was very child-like, and they didn’t like Ben’s dress at all. I think Ben should be let of easy this time since his adorable client Holly was so in love with the dress and felt so great in it.

As the designers are waiting to hear the verdict, Amanda breaks down. Another one trying to steal my title?! I don’t think so. I just want to call Amanda and Ben “Team Breakdown” now. They seam to both cry about every thing . This is the part I was waiting for Joan to get off her seat and go in the back and tell the to shut the f*** up! Lol

On a brighter note Stanley is the winner of the challenge with a well deserved win. Even though I was maybe not a fan of the look . Congratulations Stanley

Between Amanda and Ben it really was a toss up of who would go home, but unfortunately it was Ben. I will definitely miss his heavy accent and icy hair but I am glad he won’t be trying to compete against me in the crying department anymore. See you at boots and saddles Ben ! Until next week .

–Michael Costello

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