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‘American Idol’ Contestant Burnell Taylor Is Angela Miller’s Top Rival

Fri, March 1, 2013 3:28pm EDT by Bonnie Fuller 15 Comments
Courtesy of Fox

I was with Nicki Minaj all the way last night – there was no one else in Burnell’s ‘lane’ on the Feb. 28th episode of ‘American Idol.’ And that lane should lead right to the final.

Burnell Taylor – you were magical on American Idol Feb. 25th as you impressively sang your way into the Final 20.

When you started your version of John Legend‘s “This Time,” it was as if time stood still – you were mesmerizing.

The heartfelt tune could be your own personal anthem – that’s the way you sang it.

You fully embraced it’s poignant message, making it clear through your voice and your gestures , how much it resonated for you personally.

“This time I want it all, this time I want it all… this time I’ll take the chance, this time I’ll be your man, I can be all you need,” you sang.

And “last time I wasn’t sure, this time I will give you more, I’m more mature, I’ll show you. Last time I didn’t go.”

What Burnell Was Saying With This Song

Granted John Legend’s “This Time” is a love song, but Burnell, you seemed to be using it to say that “this time” at 19, now you’re ready to be a man making his own destiny. This time, you’re not going to be afraid of the immense challenge of winning American Idol.

Maybe in the past you shrank away from taking the enormous step of letting the world judge your talent… but not this time.

Nicki Minaj was enraptured. She said she’d “pay to watch you sing” and she MEANT it. You were that good. I’d pay to watch and listen to you sing too! You owned the song, you owned the moment and you owned the night.

It was a heart – tugging moment. To think that you and your family were victims of Hurricane Katrina – you lost everything.

How Burnell Found His Voice

Yet it was only after Katrina and that enormous loss, when you had to move to Baton Rouge to start over – that you discovered your singing voice, you told the American Idol judges.

Well, what a gift that singing voice is, and not just to you. It’s a gift to all of us!

You will give the women’s top contender, talented Angela Miller, 18, a major run for the crown as the next American Idol.

Do you agree HollywoodLifers? Do you love Burnell as much as I do? Let me know!

— Bonnie Fuller

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