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‘RHOBH’ Recap: Taylor Armstrong Gets An Intervention

Mon, February 25, 2013 9:24pm EDT by 3 Comments
RHOBH Recap Taylor Armstrong Intervention
Courtesy of Bravo

Taylor answers some questions about her disappearing act, Kim is still trying to discover normalcy, and the ladies of 90210 travel across the Atlantic for a Parisian vacay, but the real question this week is — can we get through a full episode without seeing Brandi and Adrienne bicker? Let’s find out!

So it apparently set off a few red flags last week when Taylor Armstrong went on a vacation without having a clue where her daughter, Kennedy, was. Kim Richards’ — who is sort of a pro when it comes to matters such as these — diagnosis is that Taylor’s having issues with alcoholism.

Taylor Armstrong’s ‘RHOBH’ Intervention

So let’s do a Real Housewives of Beverly Hills intervention… like NOW!

Taylor’s all “what are you guys up to?” and Kim and Kyle Richards are like, “You drink too much!”

But in all seriousness, Taylor’s explanation of how she’s feeling in the wake of her husband’s suicide is actually very heartbreaking and understandable. When she said that she wakes up “in the darkest place,” it’s touching, sad, and surprisingly real. I’ve got to tip my cap to Kim, who recognized a situation getting out of hand and took control without being overwhelming.

Oh, and Kyle, thanks for showing up to an intervention and not saying a word!

Yolanda’s House Party: The Tamest Party In 90210 History

Only in Beverly Hills can a Dutch ex-wife named Yolanda Foster throw a housewarming party at her ex-husband, Mohamed’s house.

The good news, Adrienne Maloof isn’t coming. The bad news, Marisa Zanuck is.

Marisa again only talks about how much her husband loves her, while he stands idly and finishes his drink. That guy’s jaw must get so sore from gritting his teeth all day.

Compared to last week’s White Party, this one is pretty laid back. Even when Yolanda gets in Taylor’s face — which, talk about kicking someone while they’re down — it sort of just fizzles out and turns into a conversation about Starbucks. That doesn’t really satisfy Yolanda, and she practically says she’s going to be sitting on the bones of her past enemies, waiting for Taylor to speak up (she’s intense).

‘RHOBH’ Heads To Paris

At Yolanda’s soiree, the ladies find out that somehow, ALL of them are planning on going to Paris — ON THE SAME DAY! Let’s be nice and call it a happy coincidence.

Yolanda wears sneaker-heels to the airport, Kim wears insane spiked boots, and Brandi Glanville decides to not wear any clothes at all. But where’s Marisa?

Before the commercial break, we get a huge cliffhanger, that “the worst has happened.” The mood in the terminal totally drops when Marisa tells the group that her father-in-law passed away. Oh man, now I feel bad for making fun of Marisa earlier.

Kim Richards: Off The Wagon?

The first night in Paris, Kim’s like five minutes late for… well I don’t know what for. It looks like everyone’s just hanging out on the hotel balcony looking at the Eiffel Tower, drinking champagne, and talking about threesomes. And we know Kim is only allowed to do two of those things anyways. But whatever it is, Kim is late for it, and Kyle is snapping into action.

When she does show up, she’s acting funny. Well, funnier. She just seems on the whole too energetic — too chemically aided. Fragile and unhinged is how I would explain it.

Miss Vanderpump voices her concerns — and the episode ends, but not without some fireworks. Oh wait, I mean literal fireworks — not the fun kind. We’ll all just have to stay tuned until next week!

So, HollywoodLifers, do you think Kim is falling off the wagon? And what else did you think of the episode? Let us know!

— Andrew Gruttadaro

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