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‘Project Runway’ Recap: Heidi Klum’s Fragrance Inspires Mini Collections

Fri, February 8, 2013 2:54pm EDT by Add first Comment
Project Runway Recap
Courtesy of Lifetime

Designer and former ‘Runway’ contestant Michael Costello talks us through the entire episode in his latest recap. Read on to find out what the designers created for their toughest client: Heidi Klum herself!

This week, Kate wants to prove herself and she is ready to fight! Let’s see her put her boxing gloves on and hope that she doesn’t get knocked out like Pacquiao! This week’s challenge is to create looks for Heidi to wear for the launch of her perfume “Surprise.” The perfume is a mix of feminine and hard with ingredients like pink pepper, mandarin, and jasmine. Sounds tasty — is it edible? Heidi gives the designers inspiration boxes and she wants a look that is sexy but not slutty and stays in the color scheme of the perfume which are black, pink, and gold. Let’s see what “Surprises” come out of this challenge! 

The designers get 30 minutes to consult and sketch and $1,200 to make these looks happen in one day. On team Keeping It Real, Kate and Layana decide to team up as well as Joe and Amanda. Joe and Amanda have opposite ideas and can’t seem to come up with an idea, so I am very curious to see what they come up with.

At Mood, Matthew says he is not a dressmaker. So, if he is not a dress maker what is he? Last week he was not inspired and this week he is not a dressmaker? Next week, I am sure he will say he is not a designer! If he makes it to next week, that is. Layana and Kate run out of money but of course Layana’s exotic charm got them some extra cash. I myself have done a few exotic charming things I wish I hadn’t at Mood to get some extra fabric! Yikes! Just playing!

Back in the workroom, Joe and Amanda are still lost. Time is ticking for them…hopefully they will pull through. At some point you have to get your self together and “make it work”!!! I am starting to worry about this team.

Cindy is back to her sweet self and listens to Benjamin’s input. Meanwhile Matt is being completely negative about his design and Tim suggests that he goes for a full out fashion S & M look. Wait, is this dress for Heidi or Rihanna? I’m confused, but I kind of am in love with the whole S & M thought! I can not get the thought out of my head of our beautiful Heidi dressed from head to toe in bondage type leather outfit, and S & M face mask. Okay — that’s pushing it. Sorry, kiddies.

Benjamin is starting to fall apart and starts to break down and cry. Is he trying to show me up on my crying scene? Hmmm….is he fake crying? Not something to be proud of, but I think I hold the award for best cryer (see Marie Claire pg. 17!)

Meanwhile Patricia is being a magician with her intricate design. I love how ambitious and big-hearted she is, I miss that on Project Runway. I must say, Patricia is really winning me over. Today’s guest judge is Kristin Davis, Or should I say, Charlotte York or Charlotte Goldenblatt! Hahaha, she will always be Charlotte to me. It’s so great to have her input as a judge. As the looks come down the runway, Team Keeping It Real’s all look pretty good, while the Dream Team’s looks are looking a bit of a hot mess once again. Wow, hot mess has really become the official Season 11 theme song! Hopefully soon it will change. Also, did I miss something when Tim and Heidi delivered the challenge? Did they say the look has to be made out of chiffon and have a huge slit on the right side? Is it not strange how not one of the designers or judges said anything about this?

Once again team Keeping It Real is the winner and it is Dream Team’s third strike.

The top 3 were Daniel, Layana & Kate, and Patricia.

The bottom 3 were Cindy, Ben, and Matt.

In the end Daniel was the winner for the second time:  he really knows how to design and construct beautiful garments and so far, he has really impressed me. I have to say never judge a book by its cover, and Daniel, I had you all wrong. Great job, and can not wait to see you in next week’s episode.

Unfortunately Cindy was sent home. Benjamin, it was nice meeting you at Boots n’ Saddles in NYC with Mondo but I though you should have been eliminated. I know the time constraints on the show are really hard and difficult, but it’s Season 11. I want to be shocked at what’s coming down the runway. I know you have it in you.
I know I’m going to get a lot of s**t for saying this, but Cindy will always be the sweet old lady in my heart, sad to see her go. It’s not easy to get on Project Runway, stay in the game, compete and somehow manage to do your best work ever in 12 hours . So Cindy, congratulations to you my Project Runway sister. Hope to see more from you one day —  just not from a funeral home!

–Michael Costello

Until next week, thanks for reading Project recap! Check out Michael Costello Couture, follow me twitter @michealcostello and Facebook and Tweet with me every Thursday during Project Runway All-Stars Season 2!

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