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‘The Carrie Diaries’ Recap: Walt Kisses A Boy For The First Time

Mon, February 4, 2013 11:19pm EDT by Chris Rogers 1 Comment
The Carrie Diaries Recap
Courtesy of The CW

Plus, Mouse helps bring Sebastian and Carrie one step closer to a reconciliation!

In reality, it’s a blistery cold day in New York City, but on the Feb. 4 episode of The Carrie Diaries, it’s October, so Carrie (AnnaSophia Robb) and Walt (Brendan Dooling) are playing pretend and celebrating Halloween in SoHo, dressed as Prince Charles and Princess Diana! After recently going through a painful breakup with Sebastian (Austin Butler), Carrie wants a night off from all of her responsibilities.

Larissa (Freema Agyeman) crushes Carrie’s idea of a fairytale romance by revealing that Charles and Di aren’t the couple that Carrie believes them to be, because Charles still fancies some woman named “Camilla Parker something.” (Of course, we all know how that story plays out.) Plus, Larissa offers Carrie and Walt some ecstacy. Carrie secretly discards the pill, but Walt digests it, leading him to make some gutsy decisions.

Carrie spends most of her night taking care of Larissa (so much for no responsibilities), and the hot guy she was “flirting with” at the beginning of the party ends up being into Walt.

Back in Castlebury, Maggie and Mouse (Ellen Wong) attend Sebastian’s Halloween party in order to keep tabs on him post-breakup. Mouse and Maggie realize that Sebastian isn’t such a bad guy after all. And Sebastian actually ends up taking care of Mouse after she smokes pot for the very first time. This leads Sebastian to drop Mouse off at Carrie’s house, where they have a brief encounter — and Sebastian calls her “Bradshaw” again! (I smell a reconciliation on the horizon).

Walt gets his very first kiss from the HOT guy at the party — this is the same guy who Carrie thought she was flirting with. Unfortunately, Walt doesn’t react so well to the kiss and runs home into Maggie’s arms, sleeping with her for the first time.

What did you think of tonight’s episode, HollywoodLifers? Are you upset Walt went running to Maggie after his first guy on guy kiss? Are you glad Sebastian referred to Carrie as “Bradshaw” again? Tell us what you think! 

— Chris Rogers

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