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Alabama Boy, 5, Held Hostage For Four Days, Parents ‘Hanging On’

Fri, February 1, 2013 2:11pm EDT by 6 Comments
Alabama Boy Held Hostage
Courtesy of FoxNews

The Alabama boy who was kidnapped off of his school bus on Jan. 28 is still being held hostage in an underground bunker by the crazed gunman. After four days underground, officials have made ‘little progress’ in the hostage situation.

Vietnam war veteran, Jimmy Lee Dykes, 65, is still holding an Alabama boy named Ethan, 5, hostage in an underground bomb shelter after allegedly charging his school bus on Jan. 29 and kidnapping the terrified student.

In the fourth day of the kidnapping situation, hostage negotiators have been able to communicate with Jimmy through a PVC pipe, but have made no real progress. Police said on Jan. 31 that he has been known to stay in the bunker for up to eight days.

The boy, who was diagnosed with Asberger’s syndrome and ADHD, has received his necessary medication through the PVC pipe, as well as crayons and coloring books.

State representative Steve Clouse said Ethan’s family was “holding on by a thread.” “We are all just hoping this can come to a safe end,” he added.

Jimmy Lee Dykes Allegedly Kills Bus Driver & Kidnaps Ethan

On Jan. 29., Jimmy boarded a school bus and allegedly shot the bus driver Charles Albert Poland Jr. four times, killing him. He ordered all the kids to get off, but when little Ethan fainted, he allegedly took the opportunity to snatch him up.

The victim and the alleged assailant have been holed up underground ever since.

Jimmy Lee Dykes is described as a loner with a distrust of the government, and neighbors described him as a paranoid menace. Neighbors also described the bunker, which is on the man’s property, as being 4 feet long, 6 feet wide and 8 feet deep, and contains power, a TV and plenty of food and supplies.

Such a scary situation. We hope Ethan is returned to his family safely.

— Christina Stiehl

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