Karrueche Tran Got Upset At Club When DJ Played Rihanna Song

Wed, January 30, 2013 7:33pm EDT by 54 Comments
Karrueche Tran Upset

Karrueche’s feelings were reportedly hurt when she partied at a Los Angeles nightclub and the DJ blasted one of Rihanna’s hit songs. Read on for details!

Cover your ears, Karrueche Tran! According to a report, Karrueche was “angry” when she heard Rihanna‘s “Birthday Cake” remix song featuring Chris Brown while she was partying at Playhouse nightclub on Jan 24.

“Karrueche looked angry when the DJ played Birthday Cake,” a club goer told Life & Style magazine.

As HollywoodLife.com previously reported, Rihanna shut the club down, when she showed up to Playhouse despite knowing Karrueche would be in the building. To go in even more, Rihanna showed no regard for the aspiring model by wearing a jaw-dropping dress with no bra!

Rihanna threw a little shade and didn’t give a f**k who was going to be there,” a source told HollywoodLife.com exclusively of the night when both 24-year-old women partied at the same spot.

Rihanna Wanted To Show Up Karrueche Tran

“She club hopped last night and yea, she knew the other bi**h was suppose to be at Playhouse but she didn’t care and she wanted to shut the club down and that’s just what she did,” our insider told us. “There wasn’t any run-ins or nothing like that but she just wanted to show up and get her party on and have a good time.”

Rihanna Turned Heads When She Showed Off Her Bra-less Dress

Rihanna’s outfit was also talking that night. The singer sported a sexy, black see-through dress — which she wore no bra under!

“She rocked it because she felt sexy and thought the dress mirrored how she was feeling,” our source added. “She didn’t wear it to get attention or be the talk of the club, she’s going to be talked about no matter where she goes.”

Sound off, HollywoodLifers! Do you think Rihanna was childish for showing up to the same club as Karrueche?

Chris Brown and Karrueche Tran Caught Hooking Up

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Posted at 2:34 PM on February 7, 2013  

Iv’e come to a conclusion on this grown women Karrueche She, either desparatly wants Chris back?or she wants to be-FAMOUS? thats the conclusion here?

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Posted at 3:46 PM on February 6, 2013  

Who cares really thats old meat !!! ….Chris did that and done, that! bye! Karrueche!

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Posted at 4:32 PM on February 5, 2013  

i love chris & riri’s love for one another. i hate that they went through what they went through (and i dont take it lightly) but ha life happens. reality is chris and riri never stop loving one another, they never stop wanting to be together we the public, the media, business would not allow that so in the mean while she dated he dated she may have develope feelings for someone else and he may have (karrueche) but a the end of the day he chose riri and we should respect that, that’s who he’s in love with, however, i do feel afraid that riri is going to get hurt again because kar will never be fully out of the picture being that she and chris now have a business together.

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Libra lady

Posted at 5:02 PM on February 2, 2013  

Roxy: YES you are on point with that. You to Sandra Duncan@ I don’t understand why people can’t see that Chris and riri payed karreche to be his pretend girlfriend. Lol!

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Posted at 11:24 AM on February 2, 2013  

Chris doesn’t love kae anymore. He probably never did. As a matter of fact, he never stopped loving Rihanna. She has his heart and he loves her despite the time they were apart and their misunderstandings.

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sandra duncan

Posted at 1:16 PM on February 2, 2013  

Is it me? Does it not appears as if all of KT’S fans are UNEDUCATED. lol @Al can’t even spell HEART. I am *DEAD* ROTFL LMAO..

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Posted at 6:50 PM on February 2, 2013  

No, it’s not you. Most people here don’t know how to spell and they are so lazy they won’t edit or proofread. They might not even know the meaning of these 2 words.

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Posted at 5:05 AM on February 2, 2013  

Rihanna is just crazily threathened by you Kae! She hates you because she knows that u r in Chris’s harth. She wants u to feel littleand unimportant, but that is because she knows how important u r for Chris. U r great Kae!!!!

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Posted at 11:22 AM on February 2, 2013  

Right on point. Rihanna is proof that being beautiful, rich and famous does not ensure self-esteem or self-worth. She’s become the poster-girl for that; mothers can use Ri as a perfect example that being a beautiful girl won’t guarantee happiness or a quality man on your arms. CB will cheat on her again. Some catch she got there. #Rachetpride

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sandra duncan

Posted at 1:28 PM on February 2, 2013  

What does CB cheating on RIH has to do with her Self Esteem or Self Worth. That is more of a reflection of his Self Esteem and Self worth, being beautiful or ugly does not guarantee you a quality man. A quality man is defined by the man himself. Did he not cheat on KT? RIHANNA is the poster child for FREEDOM OF SELF EXPRESSION. Mothers need to raise their own children instilling their own VALUES and MORALS. STOP LETTING ENTERTAINERS RAISE YOU OR YOUR CHILDREN!!!!

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Posted at 6:59 PM on February 2, 2013  

True. Men who cheat, are cheaters regardless of the girl whom they are dating. She could be beautiful or ugly, that means nothing if a man does not have integrity. And yes, I think his relationship with kae was a pretense, a charade, a hoax, a sham, and a façade; all of this with the purpose to show the public he was dating someone else than Rihanna. We all know he has never stopped loving Rihanna. His love for her is genuine. Additionally, while he was going out with kae, or exposing her in public, he still cheated on her. Why do you think she wouldn’t say anything and let him get his way? Because it was never a serious relationship.

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Posted at 3:51 PM on February 6, 2013  

AL! get SOME BRAINS! Please! She’s and average women that Chris, had FLING with and she’s mad in the brain! never seen a women so desperate! someone help her!

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