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‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Recap: Meredith Explodes Under Pressure

Thu, January 24, 2013 11:55pm EDT by 2 Comments

With a baby on the way and trouble at the hospital, Meredith reached her breaking point this week.

Due to the hospital’s financial crisis, Alanna (Constance Zimmer), a physician’s advisor, arrived at Seattle Grace Mercy West on the Jan. 24 episode of Grey’s Anatomy. She wasted no time observing every aspect of the hospital to determine every extra luxury that could be cut — which caused quite a stir at the hospital.

But the advisor wasn’t the only one to shake things up! Meredith’s (Ellen Pompeo) pregnancy hormones were running rampant, which caused major problems for Shane (Gaius Charles), the unlucky intern on her service. Cracking under the pressure of an irritable Meredith, Shane accidentally ruined the liver that was supposed to be transplanted into their patient, leading Mere to explode.

It seemed like Arizona (Jessica Capshaw) was finally back to normal this week, until she encountered a new problem with her leg: phantom leg pains. Even though Arizona’s leg is gone, she was haunted by nightmares that her leg was still there and ripping apart in front of her eyes.

After months of recovery, Derek (Patrick Dempsey) finally returned to work by performing a whopping 23 hour surgery. Alanna wanted to sit in on the surgery, but Jo (Camilla Luddington) cleverly lied about the time to keep her out. Unfortunately, she still made her way into the OR, but was immediately kicked about by Derek. And thankfully, the surgery was a success!

Luckily for Shane, a new liver quickly became available for Meredith’s patient. Unfortunately, the liver was in Portland, which meant the doctors would have to fly there to get it. Still weary from the plane crash, Meredith refused to accompany Shane to get the liver. But at the last minute, Meredith found the courage to face her fear and joined Shane on the flight.

With the new advisor cutting costs, Alex (Justin Chambers) was worried his pro bono program for African orphans would be the first thing to go. Cristina (Sandra Oh) and Arizona teamed up to operate on one of Alex’s African patients. Surprisingly, the charitable surgery warmed Cristina’s cold heart and she became a huge supporter of the program.

During the surgery, Arizona started having the phantom pains again. Panicked, she made Alex stab her in the foot so she would realize she couldn’t feel the pain in that leg.

Much to April’s (Sarah Drew) dismay, Avery (Jesse Williams) and Stephanie’s (Jerrika Hinton) relationship was still in full swing. Lucky for her, she was unexpectedly asked out by a super-cute EMT!

At the end of the day, all of the doctors gathered to hear Alanna’s assessment of the hospital finances. Her first proposal was that Seattle Grace Mercy West close its E.R. All of the doctors were in an uproar over the loss of such a vital part of their hospital, but surprisingly Bailey (Chandra Wilson) defended Alanna’s idea!

— Jenny Pickard

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