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‘Teen Mom 2’ Recap: Jenelle’s Troubled Ex Kieffer Is Back

Tue, January 22, 2013 12:15am EDT by 11 Comments
Teen Mom 2 Recap Jenelle
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On tonight’s episode of ‘Teen Mom 2,’ three of the moms find a new place to live, and another is left without a roommate — once again! Plus, Jenelle’s ex Kieffer is back in the picture. Read on for the full recap.

The moms of Teen Mom 2 seem to go through houses more than they go through dirty diapers and relationships, and tonight’s episode was so different. Chelsea Houska said she doesn’t feel safe in her house anymore thanks to the murderous dog down the street, and Leah Messer plans to move in with her boyfriend Jeremy Calvert.

Kailyn Meets Future Hubby Javi

Kailyn Lowry also looks for another place to live for her and baby Isaac after she decides to stay in Pennsylvania to finish her degree. She nixes her plans to move to Texas so that she and Isaac can be close to baby daddy Jo, which Jo appreciates — and so does Isaac!

Now that everything else in Kailyn’s life is falling into place, she decides to go bowling out with her friend Gigi, and Gigi brings some friends of her own — including a cutie named Javi! Kailyn and Javi hit it off, and sparks definitely fly. (Fast forward 9-ish months, and the two get married! But pretend you don’t know that).

With everything in her life falling into place, Kailyn looks for a new house and sees an adorable home that her friends’ mom owns, that has a big room for Isaac, and a fenced-in backyard! The new place is even super close to Kailyn’s work and school, so it just might be the perfect fit.

It looks like Kailyn is really settling in to her life in Pennsylvania, and Texas may not be in the cards after all.

Leah & Boyfriend Jeremy Move In Together

Leah Messer is also is ready for a new crib, and is done with her trailer once and for all. Since Jeremy is gone working on pipeline project sites for five or six days out of the week, they believe it just makes the most sense for them to live together. Leah also wants to be closer to baby Ali‘s doctors and her physical therapy, but when Leah breaks the news to her baby daddy Corey, he can’t keep the snark in check.

Leah reveals to her ex that it just makes more sense for her and Jeremy to live together, especially since he’s gone most of the week — and she can do his laundry when he’s gone.

“When did you start doing laundry?! He must have something good… sorry that’s mean,” Corey replies. Good point. But it’s starting to sink in with Corey that Leah is moving on once and for all.

The only thing that’s not moving forward in Leah’s life is her school work — she is falling behind because she has stopped going to class. After talking it over with Jeremy, she decides to withdraw.

Otherwise, her relationship with Jeremy keeps getting more serious by the day, especially when they throw a second birthday party for the twins Ali an Aleeah (Corey and his family are hosting a separate party). With their family around, Leah and Jeremy look more in love than ever! It really looks like one big happy blended family.

Chelsea Doesn’t Feel Safe After Neighbor Dog Attack

After last week’s vicious attack on her dog Frankie by the neighbor husky, Chelsea said she doesn’t feel safe at her current house, and wants a fenced-in yard for Aubree. Her mom also bought her another puppy — because Chelsea has proved her responsibility when it comes to pets — and wants to feel safe with her daughter and her puppies.

Chelsea’s house hunting is also a success, and she finds a great fit for her and Aubree! Even her dad Randy agrees it would be a good place for her and her daughter, so he approves and they both sign the lease.

It’s official! Chelsea, her two puppes and Aubree have a new place to life. Hopefully they all are a lot safer — and Chelsea can get her GED tests and school work on track!

Jenelle Reconnects With Her Ex Kieffer

Jenelle Evans gets a surprise phone call from her ex-boyfriend Kieffer Delp, who is locked up in a Maryland jail, but has a couple days out from behind bars. Before he turns himself in to a North Carolina prison where he has outstanding warrants, he wants to see Jenelle.

But Jenelle’s close friend and roommate Amber tells her that she has her life together and is doing so much better without Kieffer around — and doesn’t want her jailbird ex bringing her back down.

Amber also brings up a valid legal point — Jenelle isn’t allowed to hang out with anyone who is a convicted criminal while she is on probation, and her stickler probation officer would not be too pleased. Even though Jenelle understands, she still meets up with Kieffer during his short time away from behind bars, and says them hanging out again “seemed like old times.”

Luckily Jenelle’s probation officer didn’t find out, but she’s still treading on thin ice. Kieffer stayed with Jenelle at her house for a couple days, and Amber’s boyfriend is also a convicted felon.

Jenelle and Amber get into a huge fight about her boyfriend Joe being over at the house all the time — which Jenelle says could land her back in prison — but Amber gets defensive, sighting that Jenelle hung out with Kieffer without a care.

Finally, Amber has enough and moves out. Not a fan of keeping the peace, Jenelle and Amber get into a heated fight — and Jenelle is left without a roommate once again. It seems like nothing is going right in her life.

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