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‘Revenge’ Recap: Emily’s New Plan Brings Her Closer To Daniel

Sun, January 6, 2013 11:25pm EDT by 8 Comments

It’s baaaack! The Jan. 8 episode of ‘Revenge’ opened with a training session between Emily and Aiden — that quickly turned into a make-out session.

Since Daniel (Josh Bowman) has been a pawn in the Initiative’s game of evilness, Victoria (Madeleine Stowe) cooked up a plan to grab her son’s attention once again — and she turned to one of her worst enemies, Emily Thorne (Emily VanCamp), for help! Looks like even the Graysons will do whatever it takes to protect family.

Emily and Aiden had a public “fake-up” (aka fake breakup), and guess who just happened to be present? Daniel Grayson, of course! Does this kid really think that everything in life will go his way?

Conveniently, Emily was invited to a dinner with the Graysons, and she took the opportunity to confront the judge who presided at her father’s trial. This informative dinner also led Emily to the person who actually wrote David a letter while in prison. It was initially assumed that James Palmer, Judge Barnes’ court clerk, wrote David a letter with information that would have resulted in a mistrial due to a tainted jury. But the judge’s wife, Patricia, informed everyone that she wrote the letter and that she’s been abused by her husband! (That’s one more face Emily Thorne got to cross out with her red Sharpie.)

Jack (Nick Weschler) finally realized that the Ryan brothers were bad news, and when he found out they were using The Stowaway to move drugs, he called on his friend in law enforcement to bust them! Unfortunately, his plan kind of backfired, as the police found nothing that led to the Ryan brothers — and they arrested Jack for possession!

Using his skills to break into Grayson Global’s computer system, Nolan discovered footage that led Aiden to Helen Crowley, a member of the Initiative. She wanted to manipulate him just like everyone else in the Hamptons, and Helen used his sister (who is actually alive!) as bait. What exactly does the Initiative want from Aiden?

Daniel asked Emily to help steer the company into the “right” direction, and she accepted his offer, using the power of a kiss to her advantage! Will Aiden be overcome with jealousy?

— Jaymie Bailey

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