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Kristen Stewart Reveals Why She Can’t Stand High Heels

Fri, January 4, 2013 4:04pm EDT by Billy Nilles 37 Comments
Kristen Stewart Tomboy

Kristen’s proven time and again on the red carpet that she’s not a fan of the high heel, removing them as quickly as possible. In a new interview, she’s explained just why that is! Read on to find out her reason!

Kristen Stewart can be quite the fashionista on the red carpet, but if there’s one thing that the actress seems to loathe about fashion, it would be the high heel. At nearly every premiere we’ve seen her at, there’s inevitably been a photo of her rocking a tennis shoe underneath her couture gown at the end of the evening! While we’ve come to love Kristen’s adorable fashion quirk, the Twilight star has finally provided an explanation for it all.

In a new interview with Elle UK, Kristen, 22, explains that her sartorial sensitivities are owed to her tomboy history! “I have always been a tomboy,” Kristen tells the magazine. “I wanted to look like my older brother when I was younger. I lived in hand-me-downs and was always borrowing his clothes. My earliest fashion memory is cutting up an old pair of Levi’s and going to careers day at nursery dressed as a rock star.”

Kristen also revealed that it’s always quite obvious when she isn’t enjoying a wardrobe decision, but she won’t detail which she’s loathed in the past, for fear of hurting anyone’s feelings! “It’s clear when I don’t like my outfit,” the Snow White and the Huntsman star says. “I’ve always worked with the same stylist, Tara Swennen, who I love, but I’ve definitely had fashion regrets, which I can’t reveal – I’d hate to offend anyone.”

Though Kristen does admit that she’s become more at ease with fashion in general! “But I’m way more comfortable now. The other day I realised I do actually have more than one pair of jeans and a T-shirt. I have some cool stuff that I need to start wearing,” she says.

Are you surprised by the reason why Kristen hates high heels, HollywoodLifers?

Elle UK

— Billy Nilles

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