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‘Project Runway All-Stars’ Recap: Elie Tahari Offers Inspiration

Fri, December 28, 2012 12:21pm EDT by Add first Comment
Courtesy of Lifetime

Designer and former ‘Runway’ contestant Michael Costello talks us through the entire episode in his latest recap. Read on to find out which designer’s dress will be manufactured and sold by Elie Tahari!

We start the show on New York City’s iconic Fifth Avenue, where we see the designers ogling the windows of one of the biggest designer’s offices. They go into the Elie Tahari store where they meet the one and only designer himself. This challenge’s prize? Elie Tahari is going to manufacture, produce and advertise the winning designer’s look! The proceeds go to Save the Garment Center, which is the cause that Mondo and I designed for last ‘All Stars’ season.

Emilio is seeing this challenge as an opportunity to showcase his ability to have a strong functioning business.

Ivy is working with a print because she never does — and then here comes Anthony Ryan saying the same thing. Looks like the designers are really using Elie Tahari as an inspiration.

Uli picks an all-white palette and all the designers, including Uli herself, are worried for her. Part of this competition is good design, the other part of this competition is innovation.

Emilio looks like he is going to create something amazing, lots of beautiful color and some good ideas.

Next up we see Elie Tahari in the work room giving the designers advice. It seems like he has a lot to say about everyone. He had a lot to say to Uli who was overthinking her design quite a bit. Elie tells Anthony a very personal story that really moves him. Elie seems to be very excited about what he is creating.

Emilio tells the other designers about Elie’s background and how badly he wanted to be a designer. When he first came to America, he was working as an electrician and sleeping in Central Park. That’s true dedication and every designer that has any sort of passion for this industry has sacrificed something to be in this industry.

As I see Ivy’s dress on the model I think, oh girl…Laura Kathleen should have stayed last week.

Runway Day

Elie is back to judge and as we see the looks come down the runway, it is easy to see who has nailed this challenge and who well…had some trouble.

Elie loves Uli’s dress and I agree I think it is very feminine and girly with a lot of style. Chloe-esque if you will.

Ivy’s dress is well..90’s and “heavy” as Elie says.

Emilio — well…it’s nice but not enough. It needs some more excitement or maybe it just needs to be in different colors.

Anthony Ryan obviously has a very Elie Tahari-style dress. It’s young without being Junior as Georgina Chapman points out.

Joshua has a very very pink dress. It’s sexy but not well done. He could have had a knockout dress if he had just done some editing.


Uli and Anthony are the highest…

Winner: Anthony Ryan…as if anyone had a doubt. He is so talented and that dress was awesome.


IVY finally…that dress was bad, girl. I hope that nothing like that ever gets made again.

–Michael Costello

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