Jef Holm & Emily Maynard Need To Cut Off Contact

Fri, December 28, 2012 5:03pm EST by 10 Comments
Emily Maynard

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Posted at 1:48 PM on January 2, 2013  

I’m guessing you didn’t major in English or journalism….In the beginning of the article you said “The once lovers have been having a social media war and it’s just stupid at this point”- lovers- plural meaning both Jef and Emily..Yet you only gave an example (and more then one) of Jef writing cryptic tweets- not once did you mention Emily, probably because she hasn’t ever done that. During the show it seemed like these two were meant for one another…Yet as time goes on we see more of his immature side (one that was hidden from the TV cameras). Not once have we seen anything immature about Emily. She always acted like a lady on both seasons, she only got angry when she Kalon referred to her daughter as garbage- as I am sure anyone mother would also do. She has not appeared on any specials, she rarely tweets and when she does it is something so harmless and playful. Jef on the other hand, hangs out with Ari a week after they break up, tweets mean jokes about cats at least every day. If anyone is the one acting younger then his age it is definitely Jef. Emily has always stayed true to herself and the sweet southern lady she is. There has been no proof but “sources” from some of the most unrepeatable magazines saying false things about her…Team Emily all the way. Jef, grow up and stop acting like a college freshman!

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Diane (@Diane49860737)

Posted at 12:55 AM on January 2, 2013  

Chloe, Why would you even suggest that these two people avoid contact with each other? What would you honestly write about if that happened? I for one think that the media needs to avoid writing and spinning the rumors about two people, possibly in love under very difficult conditions. Even when they do lay low, stop tweeting there are those that still continue to make comments, or start running old stories over and over so that they can keep the rumor mill spinning..Your blog is just as guilty of doing that as all the others. finding fault and looking for something nasty to write about. What they say to one another on twitter is really no one’s business…it’s free to everyone and if you don’t like it no one is twisting your arm to read it or comment on it.

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J and E

Posted at 8:33 PM on December 29, 2012  

Wow, Chloe. Were you an English major? Your opinion might be a bit more credible if you not only straightened out your facts, but also polished up your grammar. You might want to consider proof-reading before submitting something for public consumption.

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Samantha Taylor

Posted at 5:25 PM on December 29, 2012  

Dear Chloe, the writer of this ever so important article:

1) If you are sick of Jef and Emily, quit following them on Twitter, Facebook or wherever else you get the gossip. I will bet one never has to hear about them again if one so chooses. I personally avoid reading anything that might possibly be about the Kardashians — at all cost. It is doable.

2) And all of the tabloid writers like you should be grateful for people like Emily and Jef – they make fantastic fodder for your journalistic masterpieces. Without them, this website would not exist. (IMO, they are no different than anyone else, be they actors, singers, whoever – just people who made a name for themselves, albeit musicians have talent – actors, not so much.)

Why I clicked on this link, I never will know but had to voice my opinion before saying Buh-bye.

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Posted at 12:36 AM on December 29, 2012  

I don’t like either of them the annoying mormon fake jef and the annoying money hungery fake emily. They are BOTH fame wh*re’s and they are BOTH fake! I don’t like anyone from the show expect Ashley and JP, Ally and Roberto. I like Juliann too I think was nice but she just choose a really bad guy. I only like two couples

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Posted at 11:32 PM on December 28, 2012  

Not too crazy about both Emily and Jef and the mind games they are playing. Looking at it now Brad Womack seemed the more geniune person and was serious about looking.for love the 2nd time. Too bad he picked the wrong woman who can’t let go of her 15mins.

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Posted at 6:36 PM on December 28, 2012  

Seriously, why would she see him (for which there are photos) and them dump him in a week? As a girl, I believe it is as the tabloids say, because she cannot trust him. Fame is one topic, but not trusting someone is what we are talking about here. I’ve seen enough pics and enough tweets to see he loves the ladies and doesn’t seem like he can live with just one. Disgusting.

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Posted at 5:22 PM on December 28, 2012  

Get your facts straight. Katianna is not in college, she graduated and has a great job in NOLA. I hope they start to date. Emily is a fake and the fame seeker. Come on, twice on the same show, with 2 great guys who proposed *Jef & Brad Womack, and she is still the victim??? Oh, please, give it a break. Run, Jef and never look back at this botoxed fake man eater. He can do better and he will. Jef should have talked to Brad Womack first, she played the same breakup/makeup/breakup game with Brad, til he finally got it and walked for good. I can only hope the same for Jef, he got it and will never go back to her. She needs help, almost 30, can’t find a good man.whatever.

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Posted at 5:19 PM on December 28, 2012  

I guess Brad was right first place and sure was glad to dump Emily. I guess Emily isn’t worth, I like Jefs Twitter message.

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Posted at 5:16 PM on December 28, 2012  

Katianna Bear is not still in college. Is it too hard for you to research stuff before writing ab article? Jef cut off contact with her after he and Emily started talking again. Get your facts straight.

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