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Taylor Swift’s Cat Meredith Stars In Sure-To-Go-Viral Phenomeownon

Tue, December 18, 2012 2:29pm EDT by Andy Swift 14 Comments
Taylor Swift Cat Meredith
Twitter, Viddy

Taylor’s beloved pet/life-partner stars in a pretty cute new video, and I’m about to write 300+ words about it. Watch below!

Let’s ignore the fact that Taylor Swift posted a video of herself talking about herself listening to herself on the radio. Let’s just forget all that. Instead, let’s focus on the real star of Tay-Tay’s latest viral sensation: Meredith the Cat! She’s sassy, she’s independent and she’s always camera-ready.

We’ve seen videos of Meredith in the past, but never before has she been given so much dialogue. Taylor is clearly grooming her for superstardom. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Meredith land a lead role in the sequel to the blockbuster-smash Abduction! It would be awkward for Meredith to star alongside Taylor’s ex-boyfriend Taylor Lautner, but I think the singer would put her personal issues aside for the sake of Meredith’s craft.

Follow-up Question #1: Are Taylor & Meredith Actually Sisters?

I’m sure that question makes me seem crazier than Amanda Bynes in a tanning salon, but hear me out: Taylor and Meredith look like sisters!

Taylor Swift Cat Meredith

The shifty eyes, the pouty lips, the strong eyebrows. Science be damned! These two could be sisters.

Follow-up Question #2: Are Taylor & Meredith feuding?

Like most sisters — and yeah, I’m just going with that as fact now — you know there’s bound to be a little jealousy in Taylor and Meredith’s relationship. And while Taylor’s albums continue to perform very well, Meredith is stealing her spotlight on the world wide web. In fact, E! Online recently named Meredith the “best thing in pop culture” this year, an award Taylor herself has never managed to win.

Is the country queen being dethroned by a member of own royal court? This is just like Hamlet, only cuter, and nothing like Hamlet.

Watch Meredith’s new video below, then drop a comment with your thoughts on any of the above statements:

— Andy Swift

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