‘Teen Mom 2′ Recap: Leah & Jeremy Make Their Relationship Official

Tue, December 18, 2012 12:41am EST by 7 Comments
Leah Messer Dating Jeremy Calvert Teen Mom 2
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On tonight’s episode of ‘Teen Mom 2,’ Leah and Jeremy make their relationship official, and Jenelle gets close with a guy named Josh. Meanwhile, Chelsea sees a much-needed therapist, and Kailyn decides to cut ties with Jordan — for good.

The moms on Teen Mom 2 sure have one roller coaster of a love life! In this season alone, we’ve seen a marriage dissolve, a promise ring given and taken way, and a baby daddy hooking up with his baby mama, then calling it official with another girl days later — and it’s only the sixth episode! Tonight, we met Jenelle Evans new man Josh, and he seems like the break she needs from all the Kieffer and probation drama that’s been plaguing her.

Jenelle Starts Dating New Guy Josh

There are times during Teen Mom 2 when Jenelle and her mom Barbara Evans seem like great friends — tonight’s episode was one of those times. When Jenelle tells her mom that her friend Marissa wants to set her up with a new guy that would be “perfect for her.” Barbara actually thinks it’s a good idea, and thinks Jenelle should have someone take her mind off Keiffah. But Jenelle also admits she hasn’t been taking her meds for her bipolar disorder — which Barbara warns could lead her down a dangerous path and the symptoms could come back.

Medicated or not, Jenelle finally meets Josh on a lunch date with their friend Marissa, and they hit if off. She opens up about her probation past and ex Kieffer right away, and that she’s trying to stay away from drama and clean up her act. Marissa — not one for subtlety — flat-out says they would be “perfect together,” and it’s not much longer until Jenelle and Josh are hanging out alone, and things begin to heat up.

On their first date alone, they go to a very G-rated bowling alley, and Josh admits he moved back to North Carolina to live with his dad after he got into trouble — so he’s also trying to clean up his act. They both agree to stop smoking, and they won’t smoke around each other. Barbara even likes the sound of this guy, and that’s saying something.

When Josh finally comes over to meet Barbara and spend time with Jace, there is more family drama and Barbara won’t let Jenelle and Josh leave with Jace. This throws Jenelle’s mood completely off, and she can’t handle the tension so she pulls a typical Jenelle and storms out. In what is the most heart-wrenching moment I’ve ever seen on Teen Mom 2, sweet little Jace brings a small flower to his mom’s car and says, “here you go mommy” and scoots off. What a good, adorable little boy.

Kailyn Calls it Quits With Jordan

While Kailyn Lowry and Jordan are technically still together, there is definitely trouble in paradise. She finds out he has been hanging out with other girls, and she knows the feelings aren’t really there anymore. So she cries on the shoulder of the most rational person — her baby daddy and ex-boyfriend Jo.

She also vents to her friend/hair stylist, and admits she only gets back together with Jordan because it’s comfortable and convenient, and she knows that there’s no real future there — especially since they end up breaking up a lot. Hopefully, baby Isaac is too young to remember Jordan coming in and out of his life.

So Kailyn puts her big girl pants on and calls Jordan to say they need to end their relationship. He is mature about it, and agrees that while he didn’t go about it the best way — openly hanging out with other girls, for starters — he says it’s really not working out.

Kailyn cries to Jo YET AGAIN, and he reveals that he’s getting pretty serious with his girlfriend Vee. Kailyn admits that she is uncomfortable with issaac having a step mom figure, and it’s hard to picture him with someone else, especially she’s still heartbroken over Jo and Jordan. While she leaves in a fit and cries in her car, Jo awkwardly tries to comfort her, but basically just says their relationship is over and she should move on.

Leah Tells Corey She and Jeremy Are Officially Dating

After officially asking for permission the old-fashioned way, Jeremy Calvert and Leah Messer are officially boyfriend and girlfriend. She introduces him to her daughters Ali and Aleeah, and they both seem to love him. She declares he is perfect, and tells him they will most likely be together for a while.

Corey, on the other hand, tells his dad Jeff that he is stepping back from the dating game and he’s not ready for a relationship. He did date a girl for like three days, but was quickly over it. Jeff makes a not-so-subtle dig and Leah and says he deserves to be with someone who loves and respects him. Corey just says he’s not getting married ever again until he’s in his 80s — we wonder if his current fiance Miranda Patterson is watching?

Leah can’t wait to share the god news, so she gushes to her pal Kayla about she has had such a great time going on dates with her man. “Are you happy?” Kayla asked. “Yeah,” Leah replied while smiling ear-to-ear. “He’s a good one — good pick.” Kayla noted that Leah has been super depressed lately since her divorce from Corey, so it’s nice to see her happy and smiling again.

Leah wanted to be the first to tell Corey that she was seeing someone knew, but he reacts surprisingly calm, and says it’s “cool.” But when Leah mentioned that he might know Corey, he reveals he would like to meet him again — especially since Jeremy is going to be around her daughters a lot.

Everything seems to be falling into place for Leah, especially co-parenting with Corey. Now only if she can get her school and work schedule back on track with everything else going on.

Chelsea (Finally) Goes to Therapy

Chelsea Houska is just as fed up as we all are of watching her sit around and mope about baby daddy Adam Lind, and not, I don’t know, getting a real job to support daughter Aubree (MTV cameras not included). She’s getting mad at herself for falling behind on earning her GED and getting into cosmetology school, so she thinks she needs to see a therapist about her depression. Her mom also agrees that therapy would be a fantastic idea.

When Chelsea finally sits down with her therapist, she explains that she might not have the healthiest approach to her relationship with Adam. The therapist tells Chelsea she is “vulnerable,” and needs to learn about boundaries. Assuming Chelsea ever does any academic-related work, the counselor gives Chelsea a homework assignment to look up boundaries on the Internet and question her relationship approach.

With the help of her pal, Chelsea goes through a checklist of how she approaches relationships, and the cold, hard facts should be slapping her across the face. “Are you able to let go?” “No.” “Can you accept changes in a relationship?” “No.” “Can you accept endings in a relationship?” “No.” Even after this survey, she still admits she just doesn’t understand how to let things go, and wishes she could move on from Adam. But she can’t.

We don’t understand either, Chelsea.

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– Christina Stiehl

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meona gray

Posted at 7:20 PM on December 20, 2012  

i love the show and i like to see all the moms have a new life and take care of there kids.

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