Adam Lanza: Disturbed By His Parents’ Divorce?

Tue, December 18, 2012 6:50pm EST by 12 Comments
Adam Lanza Parents Divorce
SplashNews, Courtesy Photo

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Posted at 4:51 PM on January 14, 2013  

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Mettilda Jacob

Posted at 3:24 AM on December 21, 2012  

Dear reporter,
I am an Indian mother having two children of Adam’s and Ryan’s age. This incident shook me. Adam was a genius. True, he had some problems moving in the society. But the the society at large is to be blamed for this incident.
In US, people divorce for small Issues (?, I don’t know exactly), which affect the children too much. Also, enough support will not be there from anybody for upbringing the children after divorce. And for small mental problems, you start giving medicines to children, which we do not do. Those medicines, finally cause severe mental problems.
And nobody cares the persons, who are mentally upset. The lack of love, recognition, care, etc. to a person who are socially introvert worsens the situation.
Even though Peter left the family as early as 2001, Adam would have had a hope that he will come back one day. His withdrawal to himself after 2009 reveals that it shook him too much.

You can get another husband after divorce, but you will not get a father.

And when Peter remarried, the remote hope of his father’s coming back might have been completely lost. May be that’s why he did’t speak to his father afterwards.
He showed his interest to join army, but Nancy did not allow. (I don’t know whether I would also have allowed him if I were in her position).
Her plans to send him for mental treatment would have made him upset. He would have felt the deteriorating after effects of the medicine he was using. See how smart and good looking he was when he was around ten. See the difference when he grew up. The physical change in his appearance also might have been attributed by the medicines he took. Being a genius, interested in computers, history etc, he would have understood the after effects of the medicine which he was taking and would have understood that the next treatment proposed to him would worsen his situation. He could not have been able to accommodate this.
I think, the divorce, the medicines (Fanapt) taken by Adam, the don’t care attitudes of the society and the over pampering by Nancy (she might have done all thinking that it is good for him), remarriage of his father, Nancy not allowing him to join the army and Nancy’s intentions to send him for mental treatment might have led to all these.
It is high time to rethink about how the family bondage can be made stronger. The parents should be mentally healthy enough to look after the children rather than giving medicines to mentally affected children because of separation of parents. Parents should be treated rather than the children.
Rather than blaming Adam Lanza for doing this, this incident should give a light to think of what is wrong with the present society, how it can be corrected. He was a victim of the society’s drawbacks.
Let this incident be a stepping stone for a renovation.
Apply the “Glasnost” (openness) and Perestroika” (restructuring) applied by Mikhail Gorbachev in Russia when Russia underwent an economic crisis.

Nothing happens without the knowledge of GOD. GOD allowed this to happen for the good of the future generations.
I convey my condolences and prayers to all those who got affected because of this incident. I also pray for the souls of all who died including Nancy and Adam (of course. He was a victim of the present US society). I do not want to blame anybody, but pray that a conscious motive to eradicate such incidents in future may be taken by all people around the world including myself.


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Posted at 10:25 PM on December 19, 2012  

Those kids died and they were looking happy to the weekend News Year Christmas and everything :( Then he had to come in and shot them there was not reson for him to do that!

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Posted at 1:33 PM on December 19, 2012  

His parents’ divorce disturbed him? I would imagine so. And, from what I’ve read, Nancy Lanza made out like a bandit from her divorce from Adam’s father. She received a mansion and an income of $300,000 annually. The child, Adam, was relegated to a cold dungeon in the basement and soon he was to be transferred to an institution. Seems like Nancy didn’t want the weird kid around anymore. Of course he’d become a fearful monster—since he was treated like one. There is no excuse for what her son did, however.

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Posted at 12:47 PM on December 19, 2012  

Tthose innoscent beautiful children, died with horrific death. But surely very lucky, coz’ heaven widely opened to them. We have now a 20 pretty little ANGELs

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Posted at 11:53 AM on December 19, 2012  

Aww, poor little white rich kid. His parents divorced. That really gives him the right to kill 20 innocent first graders & teachers.

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Dale Rogers

Posted at 11:23 AM on December 19, 2012  

I am sure that one of the causes as to why Adam did all this killing is because he had undoubtedly witnessed such scenes countless times on TV, video, the theatre and etc.! These kind of horror scenes portrayed out as entertainment has an effect and sows seeds! “By beholding we become changed”. Instead of viewing scenes of violence, if he would have been viewing good wholesome scenes and working at good productive projects he would have been filling his mind with good things, and this nightmare would likely have never happened!

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Mary A (@naturepoet)

Posted at 10:43 PM on December 18, 2012  

It certainly had to do with his mental state. I don’t know if he really did have Asperger’s Syndrome, which is on the autism scale, but if he did, that wasn’t the reason he killed. Many people have AS, including my grandson, who would never kill anyone. It’s got to do with discipline (there is none in today’s society) and respect for life. Possibly a parenting skill that wasn’t included in Adam’s life.

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Sam Kahlon

Posted at 1:27 AM on December 19, 2012  

I am totally agree with you Mary, I am so sorry for your loss and all the other parents and grand parents who are missing their kids and other adults lost their life in this horrific act..So Sad:(
Sam Kahlon

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Sam Kahlon

Posted at 1:32 AM on December 19, 2012  

please read as I am sorry for grandson going through Asperger’s Syndrone:(

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Posted at 8:03 PM on December 18, 2012  

This is a new low. There is no reason for stories about this monster to be on a CELEBRITY site!!! Disgusting!

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Brian Steckley

Posted at 6:05 PM on April 28, 2013  

It just shows what “parental bullying” can do to a child of divorce by a hostile aggressive parent. Parental alienation is the most common abuse, yet most neglected by our family courts. What Adam did was wrong, but how many of you parents out there are “alienating” your children from your ex and your children’s extended families? There are more parents that bully their children than get bullied at school, yet we condemn Adam Lanza, when who really is creating these “monster kids?” ……then we ask, “Why?”

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