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Selena Gomez: It’s Time To Dump Justin Bieber For Good

Fri, December 14, 2012 1:22pm EDT by Bonnie Fuller 80 Comments

Selena Gomez — you don’t need to put up with ANYTHING from Justin. The fact that he’s hanging with your ex, Nick Jonas, and not returning your calls, should be the final straw.

Selena Gomez — you’ve put up with enough from Justin Bieber. It’s time to let go and move on.
Selena — you’ve given Justin two years of your young life, and it’s time to accept that the relationship has run it’s course.

I know it’s hard to admit it to yourself  , but Justin is now repeatedly taking you for granted.

Just last night, Dec. 13, has exclusively learned that you were so upset that you were in tears after learning that Justin was spending quality time with your ex, Nick Jonas.

The two guys tweeted that they were playing ping pong together in between Justin recording in the studio.

When you found out, we hear that you tried to call Justin several times, but that he wouldn’t pick up your calls.

Selena — you do NOT have to put up with that nonsense. You’re just 20 years-old, you’re not married to Justin, you have your whole life ahead of you, and you don’t have to have ANY guy disrespecting you even if he is Justin Bieber.

Realistically — two years is a long time for a couple as young as you and Justin to stay together. Justin is only 18, and he’s a multi-millionaire with hundreds of millions of fans. It’s got to be hard for him to keep his feet on the ground with all the adulation that he gets every single day.

You’ve no doubt been a hugely positive grounding force for him, but even you with all your maturity and good sense, can only do so much.

The point is that you deserve the best. You don’t need to have a boyfriend, any boyfriend, who hangs out with an ex who broke your heart, and then who won’t return your calls.

You are an intelligent, talented, thoughtful and loving young woman, who any boyfriend should worship — no matter what his status.

Between flirting with Victoria’s Secret models, taking model Barbara Palvin on a date to The Lion King and now spending time with your ex, Justin is just showing how he isn’t ready right now for a committed relationship.

Dump him now, Selena! Yes, it will be painful. You love him, and you’ll miss him terribly, but you will get over him. you will fall in love again — with a guy who’ll appreciate you as you deserve!

Justin needs to learn that he can’t take you for granted. And he’s going to have to learn it the hard way!

Do you agree, HollywoodLifers? Let me know.

Justin Bieber Dumped By Selena Gomez – For Good

— Bonnie Fuller

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