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‘Teen Mom 2’ Recap: Leah Goes On First Date With Jeremy

Tue, December 11, 2012 12:49am EDT by 2 Comments
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On the Dec. 10 episode of ‘Teen Mom 2,’ Leah hangs out with Jeremy for the first time — and confesses she ‘likes him a lot!’ Meanwhile, Jenelle makes a pact to never smoke weed again, and Kailyn gets stood up by Jordan — read on for the full recap.

So far on the third season of Teen Mom 2, Leah Messer has decided to focus on her girls and school — until she starts talking to a new guy named Jeremy Calvert. But while her curiosity over Jeremy grows, Leah still has to focus on starting college — and being a single mom of two. Chelsea Houska, on the other hand, is letting her relationship with baby daddy Adam Lind derail her plans for beauty school, and Kailyn Lowry asks for a break with Jordan — but gets annoyed when he doesn’t seem to really care.

Chelsea Houska blames her dad Randy for her breakup with Adam

After taking a couple practice GED tests, Chelsea has finally decided to pull the trigger and take two of the real deal exams. However, the stress of not talking to Adam in a while is starting to weigh on her, and she can’t concentrate on studying.

Instead of re-prioritizing and examining her relationship with Adam — and her decision to constantly go back to him — she goes over to her dad Randy‘s house, and blames him for her breakup with Adam. “You got too invovled!” she shouts at him, and they get into yet another argument about Chelsea’s deadbeat baby daddy.

Randy makes a few good solid points: Adam never chipped in with Chelsea’s bills (even when he was staying with her), he had a job and his own money, but never spent it on her, and was just using her.

In his own words, Adam tells his tattoo artist (as he’s getting inked up, of course), that he is pretty much over the Chelsea drama since Randy flipped out on him. He says that being single is “bomb” and he can go hang out with his friends without worrying about what Chelsea thinks — or seeing his own daughter, for that matter.

In another brilliant move of maturity, Chelsea decides to get a puppy. Who is sweet and adorable, but just another responsibility. When the time comes to take the GED, Chelsea can’t even bring herself to get out of bed to take the test because she’s “too upset” over Adam, and “hasn’t gotten any sleep.

Just so we’re up to speed: Chelsea needs to take the GED to get into beauty school to have a career that’s not just crying about her boyfriend in front of the MTV cameras. So far, Chelsea has kept putting off her GED in favor of crying over her deadbeat boyfriend. And, she got a puppy.

Kailyn wants to take a break from her overbearing relationship with Jordan

When Kailyn meets up with her friend, she confesses that she is kind of over her relationship with Jordan — but isn’t sure if being single with a baby boy is too scary to break up with him. During a phone conversation with Jordan later, Kailyn pretty much lays it all out on the table — he is overbearing, doesn’t trust her and needs to give Kailyn the benefit of the doubt. Jordan insists he doesn’t NOT trust her, he just finds her shady at times. Considering he cheated on her last time they were together.

So Kailyn goes out to dinner with friends and admits that she doesn’t really miss Jordan at all. Her friends tell her she needs to be single for a while and focus on school and Isaac, but Kail’s biggest fear is that she will be alone with a son, and he won’t have a together father figure in his life, especially since Jordan is SO amazing with her little boy.

So considering she isn’t really as into Jordan as she should be and the two go on a “break,” she decides to meet up with him to talk about their relationship. But when Kailyn gets there, Jordan is nowhere to be found — and says over the phone that he isn’t coming because he is “hanging out with someone else.”

Sounds pretty shady! Or like he was so fed up with being on the back burner, which also makes a lot of sense.

Jenelle makes a pact with Tori not to smoke anymore

Per her lawyer Dustin’s suggestion, Jenelle prepares to spend 45 days in jail and her son Jace‘s second birthday is coming up. She tells her friend Tori that her ex-boyfriend and Jace’s dad Andrew hasn’t contacted her or even sent a card for Jace.

In an effort to put her life back on track, Jenelle says she’s going to give up smoking — and she and Tori make a pact to not smoke anymore. Whether she’s serious about her pact or not, Jenelle writes a heartfelt letter to her probation officer. She details that her experience in jail, where she was “screaming” all night for someone to let her out, was a huge wakeup call for her, and she will do everything to put her life back on track.

When she tells her mom Barbara Evans, she responds in the most Babs-like way. “So are you going to stay off the weed?” she asks, to which Jenelle of course replies yes.

On a lighter note, Jace turns two, and Jenelle guys him a fun water slip-and-slide. She and Barbara decorate the house for his party, and all spend the day together celebrating Jace — too cute! Jenelle says being with her son has made her not have such a big urge to smoke. If only she had felt his way for the past two years.

Jenelle’s luck really comes through when she gets a call from Dustin — and he says that her probation officer “surprisingly” liked the letter, and believes she will make a change. So she has to be on her absolute BEST behavior, and do everything her parole officer says and her PO will let her continue probation.

We’ll just have to see how that all plays out!

Leah goes on her first date with Jeremy

After talking to Jeremy on Facebook, Leah thinks she could really keep up a friendship with this guy. He gave her his number, and she’s thinking about texting him, but she confesses that she isn’t big into dating. “I get really serious, really fast,” she says. And now that she is the mom to Ali and Aleeah, it’s even harder to just casually date.

Plus, her guard is still up and she doesn’t want to get hurt again — and she has the first day of college to worry about as well. Eventually, Leah does reach out to Jeremy, and they decide to go on a date! They go to the Grand Prix and ride go karts and play arcade games — and can’t stop laughing!

But as most first dates — especially as a protective mom — Leah interrogates Jeremy a bit. He says he works out of town on a pipeline, which means he’s gone a lot. Leah asks if it’s hard to have a family, but Jeremy knows where she’s going with that — “I’m always here on the weekends,” he says, and also isn’t bothered that she is not only a mom, but also divorced.

Jeremy seems to be playing all of his cards exactly right!

Leah texts her friend after the date, and says that the thinks she really likes him a lot! But she has to put her romantic feelings aside and start her first day of college. While her family friend Kathy watches the girls, Leah finds school much harder than she thought — and it’s hard to focus when she misses her twins.

But she gets a lovely surprise at the school office when she has a surprise bouquet of flowers — from Jeremy! How sweet! It was the first time she had ever gotten flowers from someone before, she says.

Looks like those to are headed for a serious relationship!

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— Christina Stiehl

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