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‘Project Runway’ Recap: Diane Von Furstenberg Is Inspiration & Judge!

Fri, December 7, 2012 2:17pm EDT by Add first Comment
Project Runway Recap
Courtesy of Lifetime, SplashNews

Designer and former ‘Runway’ contestant Michael Costello talks us through the entire episode in his latest recap. Read on to hear all about the green-inspired episode and get a cameo appearance by the iconic DVF!

The designers head to meet Carolyn Murphy in “the outdoors” — otherwise known as the Chelsea High Line. All Stars is going green, for the red carpet. Huh? Red and green aren’t cute together… let’s see what these designers can come up with?

This episode is all about recycling and using green — the eco-friendly kind of green — fabrics!

Emilio gets to pick first, and he says that solids do better than prints on the runway which is so true. Gotta love prints. We learn that the guest judge this challenge is none other than my favorite woman thats among Fashion Royalty DVF.

Laura Kathleen is talking smack on Emilio for being a costume designer. But he is winning and definitely kicking your ass, Laura Kathleen, so I would shut it.

When Joanna Coles comes in and she is loving Emilio’s color. Wonder why — is it because it matches her dress? Emilio talks about how he thinks Ivy can’t design. How weird, isn’t that what she said about me? Guess I am not the only one who thought Ivy was a seamstress?

After Joanna leaves Casanova talks about how he stinks, “like if a rat died.” Oh man…I feel bad for the designers sharing the work room with you.

Ivy waits to have her “oh s***” moment until the model comes in. I mean come on girl, get a clue of what you have to do and get to it.

Ivy is talking s*** on Anthony Ryan but I mean at least he has a dress. The designers talk about which celebrities they have dressed and I am like…all you guys have is the Kardashians. Come on designers, start sending your designs out there. Check out the press page on my website and you’ll see how many designs I have done that have graced the red carpet.

Anthony Ryan compliments Laura Kathleen as a designer but then says she is like a pig squealing in the mud. I’m not from the South so I’m mostly confused, but I think that’s a dig. At least I know in L.A. it is.

As Anthony Ryan dresses his model I think….hmmmmm….any chance you got a chance to see mine from when I won the DVF challenge on All Stars? Because you pretty much copied me. Just saying. Thats an MC if I’ve ever seen one.

As the looks come down the runway I must say I am not that impressed. With DVF you gotta bring it.


Anthony Ryan: They liked it and why not it looks like what I would design.

Ulli They love it, she manipulated those feathers and made that dress something very cool.

Laura Kathleen did well, the print looks good, but there is something I feel is a little off.


Ivy obviously. OMG that was really bad.

Emilio and he knew it.

Althea and ya…wow its like 80’s meets Marie Antoinette. Mmmmhmmm…thats just wow.

Winner: Laura Kathleen

Out: Althea…that wasn’t a great dress. But Ivy should have gone home, what she made was so bad.

–Michael Costello

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