‘X Factor’ Recap: Demi Lovato Reveals Her Crush On A Member Of Emblem3

Thu, December 6, 2012 12:12am EDT by 11 Comments
X Factor Top 6 Emblem3 December 5
Courtesy of FOX

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Posted at 7:39 PM on July 30, 2014  

i think Demi loves Drew because they were both born in 1992 and they could go out on a date together

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Posted at 1:56 AM on December 12, 2012  

Emblem3 is my favourite but I do think they need to step it up. Hopefully they will be comfortable with the songs they sing and be in their element to they can shine. I can tell that all the poppy music isn’t them at all. As for Demi, she is really rude and I lost respect for her. I don’t think she should be judge nest season.

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Posted at 4:54 PM on December 6, 2012  

Diamond was terrible last night…and you are too easy on Cece!! She didn’t deserve to even make it to the live performances. Blerg

P.S. Wesley is hot. Preach

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Joanne Green

Posted at 8:40 AM on December 6, 2012  

Demi Lovato needs to be fired! She is a whiney brat. She is disrespectful and rude. I find it uncomfortable to watch or listen to her. She obviously criticizes Simon’s acts because she doesn’t like HIM. Cece Fry — GO HOME. I agree with LA Reid, she has outstayed her time.

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Posted at 4:56 PM on December 6, 2012  

The whole Demi vs Simon thing is supposed to be cute, I think. It can get a little annoying, but I actually appreciate Demi’s honest feedback. A lot of the acts didn’t do their best last night…and why can’t we get the old Emblem 3 back when they were performing songs more in their element like One Day by Matisyahu??

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Posted at 7:53 PM on December 6, 2012  

Honesly I’m not even going to deny the truth. I LOVE demi lovato’s music and everything, but she needs to understand that being a judge is about getting rid of peoplr who are bad. she can’t be like saying CeCe’s good when in reality she’s honestly not the best. im not sayin shes the worst. but come on…

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Posted at 8:39 AM on December 6, 2012  

wow….. i think Justin is the creator of Long as you love me i think he sang it better:) Bieber Fan!

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Posted at 3:29 AM on December 6, 2012  

I think CeCe nailed it with Edge of Glory.Part of me wasn’t my favorite either,but even Katy Perry can’t sing it well live.It’s a song that shouldn’t be sang live (imo).
Fifth Harmony is my fav act,so i can’t say anything bad about it.They’re just purr amazingness.
Diamond White,well…they shouldn’t have put her back in the competition after she got eliminated cause she’s boring as hell.She has a strong voice but everytime she sings i just feel like i could fall asleep.
Emblem3 was ok.But they need to step it up,cause each week they’re the same.
About Carly i love her voice but there’s just somethin really irritating about her whole presence. I can’t explain what but I don’t think she deserves to win. Fantastic vocals but that special ‘X’ is just not in her personality. So i don’t really get that huge hype around her.
And last but not least,Tate. I love country music and i really do like his smooth and nice voice. But i feel like i’ve heard that voice a thousand times before. He’s not unique just has a cowboy hat,and that’s why people still vote for him.

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Posted at 2:30 AM on December 6, 2012  

Let’s face it. Carly is light years ahead of all the singers left. I can’t believe I’m saying this since I have always been against voting for children in a singing competition, but how can you possibly vote for anyone else. Sure, Tate probably needs to win more than Carly and I am tempted to vote for him for just that reason, but does he deserve to win? If I’m honest with myself and voting strictly on talent alone, the answer is absolutely not. Carly should win because she is, without a doubt, the best singer in this competition. In fact, I will go so far as to say, she is the best singer in any competition I have ever seen and I have watched every season of American Idol, X Factor, The Voice and every other singing competition ever aired on American TV. As for who should go home, it doesn’t really matter since none of them will win anyway, or at least shouldn’t win. Personally, I think Emblem 3 are not that good individually but they harmonize very well. Fifth Harmony are all very good singers but need help on their harmonies. Cece is just average. Diamond is better, but not by much. Tate is a very good country artist, but country is not that hard to sing anyway. I know because I am a pretty good country singer and I don’t even like country that much. I sing it only because it is the easiest genre of music to sing. But as far as which two acts should go home, I would have to say Emblem 3 for sure and Cece Frey. Don’t pay any attention to what the judges say. They have their favorites and will say anything to make sure their acts go through.

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Posted at 1:23 AM on December 6, 2012  

I really enjoyed all of your critiques. They were spot on and not-biased. I’m gonna have to read more of these articles!

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Sharon Tharp (@sharontharp)

Posted at 2:19 AM on December 6, 2012  

Aw, thank you! Glad you agree! Definitely check back for my recap tomorrow too!

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