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‘Nashville’ Recap: Rayna Learns The ‘Truth’ About Teddy’s ‘Affair’

Thu, December 6, 2012 12:49am EDT by Andy Swift Add first Comment
Nashville Season 1 Episode 8 Winter Finale
Courtesy of ABC

Plus, Juliette proves she’ll do literally anything for sex.

The Dec. 5 winter finale of Nashville gave faithful fans the multiple payoffs we’ve been waiting for. Not only was Rayna (Connie Britton) finally made aware of Teddy’s (Eric Close) shady dealings, but Gunnar also finally (Sam Palladio) stopped tip-toeing around his feelings for Scarlett (Clare Bowen)! Of course, neither couple really ended the episode in a good place.

Teddy swore the pictures were misleading, and that no affair took place, but Rayna was still understandably pissed to learn about all the money he’d embezzled — and that her own family had hid the truth from her. Things got even messier when Maggie (Kimberly Williams-Paisley) tried to kill herself, creating a frenzy of speculation, and forcing Rayna to stand by her man at a press conference.

And it looks like all that drama at home might just be what Rayna needs to agree to go on tour with Juliette (Hayden Panettiere) after all!

As for Gunnar, he finally planted a big ol’ wet one on Scarlett, who seemed surprisingly resistant to his advances. The awkwardness nearly tore them apart, but when they got their first real song offer, they popped champagne and forgot about all their problems. I’m really curious to see what the future holds for these two. They’re in danger of becoming too vanilla, but as long as they keep churning out beautiful tunes, I’ll remain invested.

Sophie, I Mean, Avery’s Choice:

Scarlett’s ex also got his big break this week when Dominic King (Wyclef Jean) offered to make him a star; and please notice I said “him” and hot “he and his band,” as Dom said he’s only interested in Avery (Jonathan Jackson). He protested at first, but if history is any indication, Avery will probably end up choosing himself first. He sucks like that.

Juliette, Girl, You Crazy:

Is it just me, or is Juliette willing to do anything for a little sex? After Sean (Tilky Jones) told her he’s saving himself for marriage, she scored an invite to church to get closer to his family; and after his mom told her to GTFO out of his life, she proposed to him! The episode ended on that little cliffhanger, but considering the promo for the show’s January return revealed Juliette flashing her engagement ring and riding in a limo wearing a wedding dress, I guess we have our answer!

Sex, No Drugs, And Rock & Roll

It’s funny how Deacon (Charles Esten) started the season torn between Rayna and Juliette, but after this episode, it looks like he’s about to leave them both behind. He got a lucrative offer to tour with the Revel Kings, and after Juliette bitched him out for trying to reunite her with her mom, I’m thinking he’d be wise to get away. Putting some distance between himself and all that drama is exactly what he needs. #TeamDeacon

What did you think of Nashville‘s winter finale? Do you think Teddy is still hiding something from Rayna? Is Juliette crazy for popping the question? And how do you think Gunnar and Scarlett’s situation will resolve itself? Drop me a comment with your thoughts and theories!

— Andy Swift

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