‘Glee’ Recap: Kurt Gets A Second Chance At NYADA

Thu, December 6, 2012 10:48pm EST by 11 Comments
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Fates were revealed for both Kurt and New Directions on the Dec. 6 episode of ‘Glee.’

Under the leadership of Finn (Cory Monteith), New Directions learns their fate for Sectionals, Kurt (Chris Colfer) gets a second chance to try out for NYADA and Rachel (Lea Michele) reconnects with Finn on the Dec. 6 episode of Glee.

New Directions Get Disqualified From Sectionals

The episode opens with New Directions rushing Marley (Melissa Benoist) into the club’s choir room. The group tries to feed her some snacks, but they’re interrupted by the harsh news that they’ve been disqualified from Sectionals for physically leaving the competition for a duration of time. Way to go, Finn. Mr. Schue (Matthew Morrison) doesn’t look happy. For the first time ever, since the club’s inception, New Directions lost at Sectionals.

Also, does anyone else miss Santana (Naya Rivera)? Her one line, “[Kitty’s] a crazy, evil bitch,” was the ONLY moment I laughed out loud.

[Sidenote: I’m sort of loving Sam (Chord Overstreet) and Brittany’s (Heather Morris) budding relationship. I’m afraid to ask because I’ve seen the angry fan messages, but do you love them too? ]

Kurt Gets Accepted into NYADA

Back in New York City, Kurt is busy keeping up with Blaine (Darren Criss) and worrying about all things NYADA. Not only is he helping Rachel prep for her winter showcase, but he’s hoping to get a second chance at auditioning for NYADA. Whoopi Goldberg (sorry, she’s just Whoopi to me — no character name necessary) tells Kurt that his last audition was just the surface and she’s looking for soul!

Kurt takes that message as a second rejection and is surprised to get an impromptu invitation to perform at the winter showcase! Upon his breathtaking rendition of “Feel Alive,” Kurt receives a standing ovation.

After all is said and done, Kurt receives an acceptance letter to NYADA! We have a feeling Kurt will be celebrating with Blaine next week.

Rachel & Finn Reconnect With A Phone Call

Rachel may be romancing Brody (Dean Geyer), but she certainly still has feelings for Finn. Not only did she want to call her ex after his painful loss at Sectionals with New Directions, but she called him immediately after wowing the crowd and winning at the winter showcase at NYADA! And it was Rachel who inspired Finn to keep the club moving forward despite their loss.

I have a feeling that Rachel and Finn are meant to go on this journey alone (for the time being), but will ultimately reunite with one another. I have to admit — I was a Brachel fan in the beginning of the season, but now I’m leaning towards Finchel. I need some help! Which ship is the right one to plant my behind on? HELP!

What did YOU think of tonight’s all new episode, HollywoodLifers? Did New Directions deserve to be disqualified? Will they ever be able to recover from their first loss at Sectionals? Will Finchel ever reunite?

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— Chris Rogers

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Posted at 3:37 PM on April 19, 2013  

In that respect, this item does perform or at the incredibly least does not make untrue claims.

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Posted at 2:12 AM on December 7, 2012  

Its actually revolting and sick what Glee have just done – as a punishment for fans calling them out for their double standards..which is so blatantly obvious by the way it can be seen from space (lets face it its a fact that Brittany was mute whilst in a relationship with Santana and now shes with Sam she can speak, sing and is allowed to have story lines’) they have tried to influenced/manipulate the audience with a dangerous mindset (esp on young impressionable viewers) that lesbians are angry, bitter, hetero-phobic and that they hate straight couples so beware (and defend the oppressed straight couple) i’m shuttering at the though of the hate/bullying online young lesbians will get for this when they try to address Glee double standards from people who have believe what Glee has feed them . For a show that has been praised constantly in the media for its support of Gay right and anti bullying how can anyone not see that what they have written in this scene spreads both of these disgustingly. Its sick that in this day and age this is allowed to be shown on television, I hope the media calls them out on their BS..I will never watch this show again, or anything Fox related tbh for allowing this and this is not coming from a angry “Shipper” its coming from a Human Being with Morals …something the Glee writers are seriously lacking.

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Posted at 12:38 AM on December 7, 2012  

Funny how the Brittana fanbase is lashing back saying Glee is bullying, when you are just doing exactly what they said you would do. I found it very funny that they added that, they knew what would happen so they decided to play along with it. But on other notes, I am very torn about the ND’s loss. being in a performing choir I understand that leaving a stage is horrible and is intolerable, but to disqualify them even though they were taking care of a girl who fainted? That seemed a bit far fetch to me. But rules are rules and I think it was right for them to be disqualified. Glee’s episodes are getting so much better!!!! I am really excited to see how the rest of the season plays out now.

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Posted at 1:11 AM on December 8, 2012  

Remember when the white male shot up the theater last year or the white male that shot up the place in Arizona that Gabriel initially got shot and almost died in and is still recovering or the white male that tried to shoot and kill Reagan and hit Brady instead all over Jodie Foster…thats ANGRY ,thats what hostile and crazy behavior creates… NOT a bunch of people on the internet debating airtime for a Homosexual couple… So in theory angry lesbians in a myth to what straight hetro whote males ACTUALLY DO …

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Posted at 11:59 PM on December 6, 2012  

Brittany and Sam? No thanks. He laid cereal on the FLOOR for her to eat, which she did…like an animal. They disrespected and alienated an entire fan base, essentially calling them “angry [heterophobic] lesbians” – I’m pretty sure it’s safe to say that not only lesbian fans of Brittana are angry, but many of their straight/queer allies as well. Example, I’m not a lesbian and I was offended. I won’t deny that Brittany and Sam would make great friends. They got one thing right, they are very alike. But coming up with bs like “Santana must have sensed I had a thing for you…” When the two barely knew the other existed for 2 seasons, is total and utter garbage. What happened to Samcedes? They got so much development last season for it to be what, forgotten? Like it didn’t happen? I’m sorry, but all these things does not add up to a good pairing for me. And don’t even start with the double standard of all this – which btw has nothing to do with the fact that Brittany’s bisexual and everything to do with the quality and quantity of their screen time compared to Brittana’s. Seriously? 10 episodes into the 4th season and they’ve spoken to each other more than Brittany and Santana did for the entirety of season 3 (22 episodes). But that makes sense, right? And it’s totally fair…

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Posted at 12:01 AM on December 7, 2012  

I meant 10 episodes obviously including next weeks.

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Say no to breakfast on the floor.

Posted at 11:57 PM on December 6, 2012  

So that means you will love someone who feeds you on the floor? Like a puppy?? No wait, even a puppy eats in its own dish.

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Posted at 1:33 AM on December 7, 2012  

But make the Irish kid create edible cat poop for you and that’s okay.

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Posted at 11:49 PM on December 6, 2012  

Do you get paid by Glee? Yikes. There are so many people that are intolerant of anything/anyone different than themselves. To them we are not normal and it hurts no matter how thick our skin has grown. Glee claimed to be one of us, the not normal, the underdogs, the “different”…now they are making fun of us too. And yep, it hurts, maybe worse because Glee was once one of us, our voice so to speak. No more. Glee is the bully now. We simply wanted Brittana to be a real couple with conversations and interaction. I am a Brittana shipper, I am a lesbian, I am not only angry, I am hurt.

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Posted at 11:34 PM on December 6, 2012  

No. Nobody with two brain cells and decency could love Brittany and Sam.

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Mark Anthony Arceño

Posted at 11:32 PM on December 6, 2012  

I thought it was a pretty good move for ND to be disqualified; certainly frees them up from having to follow the same old trajectory each season of chasing Nationals. Though, I wouldn’t mind if some technicality brings them back into the spotlight. I went to other recaps this evening and like you saw so many negative reactions to this episode which I thought, purely on singing talent alone, was incredible. Seriously glad to read someone else liked it! Also like you, I’m actually a fan of the Sam/Brittany relationship, just as much as I loved Brittana. Either way, I think both relationships make sense. Still a Brachel fan, while concurrently appreciating the maturity in the relationship between Rachel and Finn.

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