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Jenelle Evans Has Hopefully Found ‘The One’ In Courtland Rogers

Wed, December 5, 2012 5:49pm EDT by 5 Comments
Jenelle Evans Married Courtland Rogers
Courtesy of Twitter

Jenelle has had her fair share of ups and downs since appearing on MTV’s hit show ‘Teen Mom 2,’ but I hope her quickie marriage to Courtland goes well for her — she deserves a happy ending!

Jenelle Evans hasn’t always been the epitome of model citizen — she’s gotten in trouble with the law for drugs, violating probation, and assault (to name a few charges) — but she also hasn’t had an easy life, or the most supportive inner circle. Marrying a guy you’ve been dating for only three months may seem irrational — and I know last week I wrote that Jenelle needs to put her son first — but I sincerely hope the marriage works out for the Teen Mom 2 star.

Jenelle started dating Courtland Rogers in September, almost immediately after she broke things off with on-again, off-again boyfriend Kieffer Delp for good. Kieffer was such a deadbeat boyfriend — he was homeless for most of the Teen Mom 2 tapings, used Jenelle (and everyone else around him) for money, fame and drugs, and he even physically abused her.

They quickly moved in together, and Courtland has already showed he cares for Jenelle more than Kieffer ever did. He loves accompanying Jenelle and her son Jace, 3, on play dates, and is supportive of her medical needs — especially her ovarian cyst issue, which has proved to be trying for her. And on Twitter, Courtland has nothing but sweet things to say — unlike the constant name-calling and verbal attacks by Kieffer used to inflict, even when they were together.

“For the record i think u are the most beautiful girl i have ever seen..and u are my girlfriend !!!! muahhhhhhhhhh” Courtland tweeted on Oct. 6 — and all of his other tweets since have been just as thoughtful.

He even has his own car and a steady job. Courtland revealed on Jenelle’s personal website what he does for work. “I am currently working for a roofing company and bring in about $700 a week, which is not a lot I know, but it’s honest and gives me something to be grateful for,” he wrote.

Jenelle doesn’t have much of a supportive family

It seems like right now, Courtland is one of the only positive people in Jenelle’s life. Her sister Ashleigh Evans Wilson has been milking her 15 minutes of fame — and a few extra bucks — by selling stories to the tabloids, including that Jenelle was really in the hospital for a herion addiction, and that Courtland “totaled” her car and disappeared for days.

Her mom Barbara Evans even seems more interested in tearing Jenelle down than helping her get her life together. She constantly engages in volatile arguments with her daughter, and would rather nag her and scream at her in front of Jace than work out their problems peacefully.

On the first reunion special for Teen Mom 2, Barbara told Dr. Drew that there was nothing lovable about her daughter — that’s harsh! Not to mention that Barbara has boyfriends coming in and out of her life so much, Jenelle has never had a positive male role model in her life.

Her happily ever after

Since Jenelle has been thrown in the spotlight thanks to MTV’s 16 & Pregnant and Teen Mom 2, everyone in her life has been wanting a piece of her fame and the chance to sell her out, she can’t trust anybody. Courtland finally seems like someone Jenelle can rely on, and who loves her for her — not because she’s on TV.

Jenelle is now finally starting to get her life back on track. All of her charges were dropped back in August 2011, and she works three stay-at-home jobs. She says she is taking her mom to court soon to try and gain custody back of  Jace, and hopefully Courtland can be a solid male role model for her son.

What do YOU think HollyMoms? Has Jenelle finally found ‘The One’ in Courtland?

— Christina Stiehl

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