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‘Teen Mom 2’ Recap: Leah Messer Moves On With Jeremy Calvert

Tue, December 4, 2012 12:17am EDT by 3 Comments
Teen Mom 2 Leah Messer
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Everything aligns for Leah on the Dec. 3 episode of ‘Teen Mom 2’ — she gets accepted into college to study nursing, and later starts chatting with her now-hubby Jeremy!

Leah Messer makes a promise to herself on the Dec. 3 episode of Teen Mom 2 that after her divorce from Corey Simms, she is just going to focus on school and her daughters Ali and Aleeah — that is, until she gets a Facebook friend request from a handsome young man named Jeremy Calvert. Meanwhile, Jenelle Evans decides to go ahead and attend the Ke$ha concert hours after she gets out of jail, and Kailyn Lowry goes to mediation over custody for baby Isaac.

Jenelle gets out of jail and goes to the Ke$ha concert

While Jenelle is waiting in jail after failing a surprise drug test from her probation officer, her BFF of the minute Tori comes to the rescue and bails her out. Instead of rushing home to see her baby boy Jace, or tackle her looming legal problems, she ignores the several phone calls and voicemails from her lawyer Dustin and decides to go to the Ke$ha concert instead with Tori — nearly 24 hours after getting out of jail.

After the concert, Jenelle finalls meets with Dustin — and he is NOT happy. He reminds her that she messed up her chances of the amazing deal he locked down to give her just 14 days in jail, and then put her probation completely behind her. She instead decided to go to the Ke$ha concert, which Dustin calls the “worst decision you’ve made so far.”

The judge is going to make a request to give Jenelle serious jail time — at least 45 days — and Dustin reminds her that she needs to prepare for 45 days. She has been giving excuses to the probation, officer, the judge and her lawyer, and they are all tired of it.

“Was the Ke$ha concert worth 45 days in jail? Justin asks. “No,” Jenelle says.

Five days later, Jenelle finally visits her mom Barbara Evans and her son Jace, which quickly escalates into another screaming match. Jenelle accuses Barbara of “abandoning” her in jail — and storms out because she’s “running away,” all the while leaving her son behind to cry for his mom.

Chelsea goes to the Dierks Bentley concert the night before her GED practice test:

Chelsea’s friend surprises her with tickets to see Dierks Bentley, who Chelsea screams is her favorite artist — she cried to all of his songs when she was pregnant! The concert is on a Sunday night, and even though she has her GED practice test the next morning, she can’t wait to go. Chelsea says her dad Randy will drive them all in the RV and she can just study on the way to the concert — logical, no?

But the drama with baby daddy Adam Lind is never ending. They haven’t really talked since Aubry’s birthday party, and Chelsea feels like the end is near, even though he gave her a promise ring!

So she goes to Dierks Bentley to get her mind off of the drama. Surprise, surprise, Chelsea is too excited getting ready in the RV with her girlfriends to study for her test, so she keeps pre-gaming. Studying can wait!

After having a blast at the concert, she wakes up the next morning super early to take her GED practice test — and shockingly, she passed every section! I guess in this case, going to a concert out late pays off.

Kailyn takes baby daddy Jo to mediation over custody

Kailyn is still adamant that she wants to renegotiate the custody agreement she has with Jo. Isaac spends every weekend with his dad, but Kailyn fears that Jo isn’t even watching Isaac half the time; he is too busy drinking with his new girlfriend Vee.

Even though Kailyn denies any jealousy on her part or remaining feelings for Jo, she still is incredibly worried that Jo will be mad at her for trying to take away his visitation. She cries and begs him not to be mad, but he still looks pissed as they walk into the mediation room.

Jo’s fears were justified as Kailyn walks away with the custody agreement she wanted. Jo threatens to take Kail to court and get his visitation back. But the mediator sided with Kailyn — and noticed that Jo was defensive whenever the drinking pictures popped up.

After Jo cools down, he and Kailyn chat on the phone and Jo says he doesn’t want to settle in court. They are fine with the decision for now, and explain to Isaac that the visitation will be a little different from now on.

Leah goes back to school and starts flirting with Jeremy Calvert:

Leah becomes refocused on school and being a single, independent woman. She wants to go back to school to get a nursing degree, and boldly states that she wants to work part-time, go to school part-time, and raise her girls. Her friend worries that it will be too much for Leah, but Leah has her priorities in order — her family and school come first.

When she visits the college admissions office, she learns that she will need to take the ACT or SAT — she has taken neither — in order to enroll. However, they will allow her to take a residual ACT on site, which she signs up for the next day — without studying.

While Corey watches the girls for a little extra longer, Leah takes her test on an anxious stomach. Not so surprisingly, she doesn’t score high enough for the minimum entrance requirement. But never fear! The admissions counselor says she has a high enough GPA to make up for it — and she gets accepted!

But here’s the catch — she must enroll full-time to take advantage of scholarships and financial aid, so she will have to figure out her plans to also work and taking care of the girls.

With school starting in just two weeks, Leah gets a makeover — and starts chatting with a new guy on Facebook! Turns out it’s her now-husband Jeremy Calvert, who Facebook friended her seemingly out of nowhere. They start flirting, and a relationship is clearly on the horizon.

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