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Cold Weather Care For Dry Skin: Expert Tips For Winter Travel

Tue, December 4, 2012 2:57pm EDT by 1 Comment
Dry Skin Treatment

Whether you’re visiting family for the holidays or treating yourself to an exotic getaway, even the most enjoyable travels can be a major skin stressor. Here’s how to keep your skin hydrated and healthy during your journeys!

Dry skin is a given in colder areas, where skin is most likely become rough and flaky. But don’t be fooled! The same thing can happen when traveling in or to warmer climates, partly due to the recycled oxygen in airplanes that dehydrate the skin. Cosmetic Dermatologist Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank shares his vital tips and tricks to help keep your skin refreshed— wherever you’re traveling!

Dry Skin Treatment Tips

Don’t let dry skin hit you on your vacation! Here are Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank’s tips to keeping your skin looking its best during your winter travels:

  1. Stay hydrated and get your rest! A one liter bottle of water is enough to drink in-flight, but get a head start and begin hydrating the night before.
  2. Think about the climate you’re traveling to when packing facial products. If you’re headed somewhere hot and humid, bring a gel. If traveling somewhere cold, pack a cream as opposed to a lotion and if traveling somewhere dry, pack an even thicker cream. Remember, the drier the climate, the more water your skin needs to stay hydrated. So drink up!
  3. If you have super oily skin, stay away from moisturizer all together and pack a face wash with salicylic acid. Hint, the oil your skin produces is already the best natural moisturizer.
  4. When flying to a windy climate, put a very thin layer of ointment on, such as Aquaphor. As long as you’re not acne prone, this is a great way to protect skin against the elements. The ointment serves as a barrier that will leave an extra layer of protection! Also, in windy environments you shouldn’t exfoliate! Exfoliating strips away the protective layer of skin. Your skin produces excess oils when in a humid environment, so make sure to pack SPF if headed to a hot and humid climate to protect skin against sun damage.

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— Kristine Hope Kowalski

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