Rob Kardashian Accuses Rita Ora Of Cheating On Him On Twitter

Mon, December 3, 2012 3:34pm EST by 16 Comments
Rita Ora Cheating Rob Kardashian

The love affair between Rob and Rita seems to be over as Rob has blasted Rita for allegedly cheating on him with nearly 20 guys! This is not going to end well!

The relationship between Rob Kardashian and Rita Ora, who have dated for a couple months, seems to be coming to an ugly ending. Rob took to Twitter to say he has been cheated on! Check out what he had to say! It’s shocking!

Rita Cheated on Rob? — So Says His Scathing Tweet

“She cheated on me with nearly 20 dudes while we were together, I wonder how many she will sleep with now that we apart,” Rob tweeted, adding, “How can a woman who is so busy trying to start her own career have time to be with so many dudes all while in a relationship?!” As with most scandalous celebrity tweets, it was quickly removed. Granted, Rita is not mentioned by name, but it seems pretty clear who the reality star was talking about.

His sister Khloe Kardashian got into the tweet-and-delete campaign as well when she chimed in with, “Cheaters never prosper @RobKardashian ill be home today… Try and smile little brother.” Once that was deleted, she changed her pace by saying, “Rob be nice kiddddd,” adding, “Social media is so much drama. Hehehe thank goodness there was no social media when I was younger.”

Rita, however, has remained silent on the situation. Probably the best method in a situation of this seriousness, don’t you think, HollywoodLifers?

So HollywoodLifers, do you think that Rob should have tweeted about Rita’s alleged cheating? Sound off below!

Russ Weakland

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tolu oyelowo

Posted at 9:10 AM on May 24, 2013  

I still love rob for who he is like he is really trying is best,he was hurt by those girls(ex)4get abt dem nd move on cos dere are lot of guys out dere dying to be wiv u.

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Posted at 5:07 PM on December 4, 2012  

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This book is a combination of stories and powerful insights from a man who had affairs with the wives of over 25 men (and a few women), and who also happens to be a therapist (never cheated with clients).

This raw, self-deprecating, and penetratingly insightful book is basically the relationship version of “How to Secure Your House, as told by a professional burglar.” The insights in this book (about not just how women behave but the core beliefs driving the behaviors) will startle women and scare the holy hell out of men, because this is a subject no one wants to talk about, and it’s on the rise.

“I Steal Wives” will challenge you, entertain you, and forever change how you do relationships. Check it out at or! It’s been VERY popular and is selling FAST!

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Kardashian's suck

Posted at 11:16 AM on December 4, 2012  

First things first…..Rob did not cheat on Adrienne Bailon…..Skank Adrienne cheated on Rob….As for his low self worth…. you have to thank his cunting mother and sisters for that…..The KArdashian beyotches love to tear the men in their life down….I must have been tough Rob growing up in home with these jealous skanks. Grannie skank Kris set her slut daughters up in business….These nasty pigs act as if they were self reliant…What has Kris done for Rob except insult him… Anyway,.Rob is attracted to nasty selfish whores!….Due to the fact he was raised by selfish skanks

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Posted at 1:33 PM on December 4, 2012  

Apparently you missed the episode of KUWTK where he openly admitted to cheating on Adreienne. But nonetheless go on feeling sorry for the spoiled rich boy who rides on his sisters’ coat tails.

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Posted at 9:06 AM on December 4, 2012  

i agree with you lisa s.and this is suppose to be a real private issue.if he did not say it ,no one will know ,and you go about with your respect and dignity,but ,now the whole world knows ,probably trying to humiliate rita but,he does not come out of it nice,so what is the not a fan of the kadashians but , ,also have nothing against always better to wash ones dirty laundry inside and not outside.

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Posted at 8:18 AM on December 4, 2012  

Typical Kardashians always put their dirty laundry in the public.. no shame at long as they can get their attention from the media.

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Posted at 9:04 PM on December 3, 2012  

Rob needs to zip it, a true gentleman never puts anybody’s business out in the streets,
no matter how upset he is with them, just move on. I used to like Rob, but he is displaying some nasty behavior
recently. He acts holier than thou, with his siblings, while he stirs trouble.He has been given several opportunities, yet
cannot seem to take advantage of them. Something is definitely wrong.
As an aside, people should not link this meltdown to his sisters, they are not whores or cheats, actually
they are very savvy business women, in good relationships with very successful men.

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Posted at 8:37 PM on December 3, 2012  

All the Kardashians have major low self esteem re everything, especially the superficial re looks and money. Kim and Rob suffer from the most lack of self esteem. So it just figures he would twitter rant.

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Posted at 8:08 PM on December 3, 2012  

I used to love him but now he seems to me like such a bastard I mean even if this it’s true a real man don’t acuse a woman like that on twitter what a looser!!!

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Posted at 6:35 PM on December 3, 2012  

Based on his last tweets a few minutes ago I think I get the picture, it seems like she gave him something and had to come clean with numbers and names once he gound out, he referred to sleeping around and having UNPROTECTED SEX, I think it’s very clear that he is angry because she gave him some sort of disease and had to fess up about her other relations, as for the people talking about Karm well maybe it is but I would say cheating with one person and 20 is a ig difference

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Posted at 6:29 PM on December 3, 2012  

Can he take a look at his sisters? or put some cloth on them first?

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Lisa S

Posted at 6:39 PM on December 3, 2012  

No he DOES NOT need to take a look at his sisters. I don’t know why people are referring to his sisters? if you really step back and take off the hater blinders, his sisters are not whores, Kourtney has been with Scott for years and BOTH of her kids are by him, Khloe was never really out there like that and she has been married for a couple years with no issues, and although people like to try and call Kim out, Kim is a serial relationship person, she has been with a few guys over several years but they were pretty much all her men with the exception of that security guard dude, I mean if you really want to get down and dirty Taylor Swift has more bodies than Kim and she is only like 22 or 23, but NO ONE ever mentions what a slur she is, she hops from man to man more than Kim ever did, at 22 your numbers should not be that high, Kim was married at 18 and was married until she was 22, so these girls have pretty much stayed in committed relationships most of their lives, I don’t see how that makes tham whores, and if he is telling the truth about this that is just crazy. 20 guys in less than a year? phew that is rough. Anyway all that said, his sisters have nothing to do with this, they are all home bodies with men, and have pretty much been that way.

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Posted at 5:35 PM on December 3, 2012  

Karma’s a B*tch! Didnt Rob cheat on adrienne bailon? What goes around comes around!

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Posted at 4:24 PM on December 3, 2012  

I’m pretty sure his plan was to humiliate her. But Rob, don’t whine on Twitter! Wanna humiliate her? Get a job, be famous for being successful, not on a reality show and show her that you are better off without her. Then people will be like “Rita shouldn’t of ever cheated on Rob!” But you go on a rampage on Twitter telling the world she cheated on you, while you’re probably chilling at home doing nothing or out partying. That just shows that she cheated on a man-child.
But I guess she got what she wanted, because I only knew about Rita after she started dating Rob, so she got a little fame off him while she was humping 20 other guys…
But seriously? 20 men? That is something else.

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Posted at 4:04 PM on December 3, 2012  


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Posted at 3:52 PM on December 3, 2012  

People NEVER cared about Rob & Rita. Rita denied him for the longest time and then when her music career never took of in the US she started claiming him. Rob is a loser, who whines about not being successful and can;t keep a woman.

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