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‘Revenge’ Recap: Emily Forges Her Most Unlikely Alliance Yet

Sun, December 2, 2012 11:23pm EDT by 4 Comments
Revenge Season 2 Episode 9 Revelations
Courtesy of ABC

The winter finale of ‘Revenge’ revealed the new CEO of Grayson Global — and yet another crafty side of Victoria.

On the Dec. 2 episode of Revenge, everyone in the Hamptons was on edge before the voting that would determine the new CEO of Grayson Global. A new face in town named Salvador was the swing vote, and while he initially leaned towards Daniel (Joshua Bowman), the Graysons had a plan to protect their son from replacing Conrad (Henry Czerny), thus protecting him from The Initiative.

Thanks to Marco — Nolan’s (Gabriel Mann) former employee and ex-boyfriend — Daniel gained 51 percent of NolCorp after blackmailing and threatening Nolan with a criminal investigation based on the missing $500 million! After hearing the news, Victoria (Madeleine Stowe) turned the tables on her son after Nolan delivered a sex tape of Ashley (Ashley Madekwe) and Conrad. By promising not to tell Daniel, Victoria manipulated her to sleep with Salvador in order to secure his vote for Conrad. Man, Ashley sure gets around!

Because all things must go Emily Thorne’s (Emily VanCamp) way, Aiden lured Daniel to Salvador’s room, where he found Ashley and photographed them in nothing but bathrobes. After Daniel threatened to show the picture to his wife, who controlled his money, Salvador promised his vote — and he won the CEO position at Grayson Global!

The Ryan brothers — the business partners who are supposedly helping Jack (Nick Weschler) and Declan (Connor Paolo) believed that Jack’s dad murdered their father, but he only covered for his friend Matt Duncan (as seen in last week’s flashback episode). All along, their plans were set in motion in order to get a little payback with the Porter family. However, it was Mr. Duncan who suffered a severe beating from the Ryans, landing him in the hospital.

Despite his parents’ warnings, Daniel gained the CEO position at Grayson Global, and he’s now a pawn in the Initiative’s game of domination. Nolan also has more control over Daniel and the company than he realized. Along with Emily, he planned to control Grayson Global from the inside.

Finally, the shock of a lifetime occurred occurred, setting up an interesting twist for the show’s January return: Emily Thorne and Victoria Grayson… will become partners! Emily will have leverage and Victoria will manipulate Daniel — who is still head over heels for Miss Thorne — in order to protect him.

Can’t wait for January, right?

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