Sister Wives Admit They Get Jealous Over Kody Brown

Fri, November 30, 2012 4:40pm EST by 10 Comments
Sister Wives Jealous Kody Brown
Courtesy of NBC

Jealousy, fighting between wives, Kody in the doghouse. There were confessions about all these subjects when Kody Brown and his wives did an interview on the Steve Harvey Show, Nov. 30.

Kody Brown and his four wives, Meri, Janelle, Christine and Robyn finally made some honest confession to Steve Harvey on his show today, Nov. 30.

“We do have jealous moments over Kody,” revealed wife#3 Christine. “If I’m having an insecure moment and not feeling confident about who I am,” — that’s when it happens.

The polygamist family also admitted that the wives will fight with each other, but husband Kody acts in full self preservation mode at that point.

“He ducks and hides,” laughs Meri.

Insists Kody in his defense: “it’s dangerous for me to mediate between them because I’m their husband.”

Instead, Kody explains that when one wife has a complaint about another, “I need to validate her and then let her work it out with the other wife.”

But it was Janelle who probably said the thing that all non-polygs suspected. “He’s pretty much always in the doghouse with one of us.”

How could Kody not be? One husband, four wives, 17 kids. No man could keep all those personalities happy at one time! Don’t you agree, HollywoodLifers?

– Bonnie Fuller


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Posted at 9:39 PM on April 24, 2013  

How did they get the loans for those houses ?????????

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Donna benoit

Posted at 3:01 AM on January 4, 2013  

Oh My !!!!…. At first I watched this show like when one rubbernecks a really bad car crash !!!
I have since come to admire a lot of the qualities in the Brown family. First off… you are all really great parents, They seem to have very happy and well adjusted kids. I just love “Logan,” What a great !!! big brother he is, His send off to college was very touching. I don’t even mind Cody , the surfer dude trying to keep 4 wives happy and cohesive. I can see that his heart is in the right place. He is really trying. I can appreciate that. I come from a family of 13 kids from a traditional one Mom and one Dad Family and know the Joy of growing up with such a crowd.In all respects, the Brown’s are such a normal and loving family, The only thing that really puts a thorn in the most tender part of my paw is, When Merri and Cody were on Vacation , and Merri said to Cody… how would you feel if I had multiple husbands. Cody… you went on to say that this was disgusting and make you sick. In view of that, considering I have no knowledge of your church and doctrines. To Erase Jealously, why not Marry one true wife and find other wives that are not interested in a sexual relationship. These Wives can be artificially inseminated to ensure multiple progeny. I don’t know, Just saying… I just think that having sexual relations with 4 wives every week when you are trying to encourage your collage age son not to have sex at all is a conundrum to me. Still all in all not trying to judge… I wish you all the best of luck.

Donna Benoit

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Posted at 7:54 AM on January 4, 2013  

Donna Benoit, what interesting thoughts you’ve had! My brain started spinning with inspiration! Please allow me to add some points to yours. In (most) mainstream religions, being a homosexual is not sinful, but living a homosexual life is sinful.

If some gay women expressed a desire to have a family, a BIG family, but they wanted to remain faithful to their religious beliefs by practicing abstinence, your idea might work to benefit them. They would be comfortable being surrounded by women as friends (not lovers), lots of kids (hopefully), and a “husband” who would be a caring, supportive man – more like a protective big brother, not a lover – who would be the father of all the children.

These women might not follow the same religion as the rest of the family, and that might be problematic, but I don’t know. (Such a life would be more like polyamory than polygamy/polyandry, and there are a lot of folks living that way right now.)

Hmmmm… this has possibilities for a new reality series LOL!

(PS – As you can tell from my name, I am not a Christian. I mean no offence to anyone, of any belief system. Happy New Year to all.)

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Posted at 6:33 PM on December 30, 2012  

I would like to know what kind of job this womanizer has? It seems as though it is up to the wives to pony up the money for the homes, or, anything else for that manner. I don’t see him coughing up any money!! All he does is drive around in his fancy car going from house to house spawning his seeds on these women. I truly think he’s a creep. He had a hissy fit when they went on vacation. I would have shoved him out of the Motorhome and left him in the middle of no where.
I just don’t understand why they put up with his crap!!!

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Posted at 3:48 PM on April 13, 2013  

Cody thinks he’s God’s gift to women when all the time he’s just using them for his lifestyle, going round his mate’s telling them how good he’s got it with 4 women, especially cause they’ve all got a very low self esteem rating, they’re easy to use for his ego and the welfare cheques for 17 kids, yet he’s never done a hard day’s taxable work in his puny life!

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Posted at 8:10 PM on December 1, 2012  

The Browns are all god’s children and who are we to judge them ? The only judging is done by god and not us.They have a nice and very loving family and they are raising wonderful children. I am not into thier life style but know anyone who calls them family are truly loved and blessed. No rude comments or ill will toward anyone have they spoken. We all could learn alot about god’s love and accepting people as god’s children.

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Posted at 2:34 PM on December 1, 2012  

The Browns are a joke! Does anyone know how many times they have filed bankruptcy? How much welfare and food stamps they’ve rec’d over the years? They try to make polygamy look good because they’re getting paid and they desperately need the money. Order the doc film “Banking On Heaven” if you want to know about Mormon polygamy. Sister Wives doesn’t even come close to the truth.

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Cabo Cara

Posted at 9:22 PM on November 30, 2012  

People need to understand that polygamy is NOT all “sister wives” and “big love”. UT, AZ, TX and other states in fact DO “turn a blind eye” to FLDS polygamy where children (girls as young as 12) are married off to much older men and then live off of welfare, food stamps and Medicaid (known as “bleeding the beast”)… as discussed in new book “plygs”, a fact based journalistic view at the REAL world of polygamy … Warren Jeffs, the leader of this group (serving a life sentence for child rape) has recently ordered that only 15 men in the group can procreate with ANY of the women of their choice within the group… and just this week from his jail cell in TX he has ordered the businesses on the UT/AZ border be closed, apparently predicted an apocalypse and told his followers to build backpacks and be ready to go at a moments notice. He has banned consumption of oatmeal, corn, turnips and dairy products…. It is a scary time in Southern UT and NO, the government does NOT seem to be doing anything at this time… this group in UT / AZ / TX are nothing but pedophiles and welfare cheats…

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Posted at 11:14 PM on January 2, 2013  

True, which is in part why our country is in such a deep financial crisis. Thanks to lazy slobs who want everyone else to pay for their lifestyle.

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Posted at 5:54 PM on November 30, 2012  

This show makes my skin crawl. Watched once and that was it. Just another cult.

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