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‘Project Runway’ Recap: A Last Minute Twist Turns Workroom Into A Circus

Fri, November 30, 2012 4:33pm EDT by 3 Comments
Project Runway Recap
Courtesy of Lifetime

Designer and former ‘Runway’ contestant Michael Costello talks us through the entire episode in his latest recap. Read on to hear about the craziness of this gender-blurring episode!

Nine remain, but we will see who makes it to the top this week! We learn the theme is ‘Androgyny’ and immediately Uli sighs. Then the designers learn it has to be avantgarde androngyny. Boy, this is going to be tough!

Uli feels nervous from the beginning and you can tell that she is somewhat doubting herself. It seems as though everyone is trying to push the limit.

Georgina Chapman comes in after the designers return from Mood and gives the designers a serious twist . Next in the room walks a line of nine models. Oh man! The designers have to pull off a whole different look for a man with one extra day!

Anthony Ryan tells Kain that he needs to realize what avantgarde is and its not designing for the circus.

When Joanna Coles come in, it looks like she is just trying to figure out what’s going on more than giving advice. I mean she definetly isn’t loving Kain’s weird hideous smiley face. Phew…I am glad that that isn’t working because if that was fashion-forward I would get out of the biz!

When the models come in, it looks like the designers are having a lot of fun.

Runway Day

As we hit the Runway, we learn that the contestants get to meet some of fashion’s finest: Jason Wu and Robert Rodriguez.

As the looks come down the runway, some are just beautiful and very androgynous others are just HIDEOUS. Honestly — I won’t say who, but there was just some serious mistakes.

The judges bring the models out one at a time. Uli’s look starts and the judges are LOVING it. Laura Kathleen’s look is a fail. Way too much going on. In my opinion it just looked weird and kinda cheap.

The judges love Emilio’s look — and they should. It’s really very cool and different. Kain is in the bottom because it’s cool but, Isaac is right, it looks cheap. Casanova has some good feedback, they like it but something just isn’t right. They’re very confused on what they like and what’s throwing them off.

They love Anthony Ryan and he is becoming the belle of this ball. The judges are really loving him.


EMILIO. And he deserved it. Those looks were cool.


Kain and Laura Kathleen…and its Kain to go home. Bummer. He’s great at his technique so I am sure that he will find a niche.

–Michael Costello

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