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Jamar Rogers Previews His Debut Single & Reveals Huge Muppet Secrets

Fri, November 30, 2012 2:19pm EDT by Andy Swift Add first Comment
Jamar Rogers Debut Single Christmas Special
Courtesy of Adam Bouska, TV Guide Network

Plus, the former ‘Voice’ finalist gives inside scoop on Cee Lo Green’s Christmas special, airing Nov. 30 at 8 p.m. on TV Guide Network.

Jamar Rogers‘ days of battling on The Voice stage may be over, but his own voice is still going strong — stronger than ever, in fact. The season two finalist is preparing for the release of his debut single “High,” which officially hits iTunes on Dec. 4. But first, you can catch him Nov. 30 on Cee Lo Green‘s Christmas special, Cee Lo’s Magic Moment, along with a few felt-skinned friends he’s been waiting his whole life to meet. chatted with Jamar about his new music, his recent photo shoot for the NOH8 campaign — founded by Adam Bouska and Jeff Parshley — and the weirdest part about working with the Muppets:

Congratulations in advance for your new single. What can you tell us about it?

It’s about my own struggles with using drugs to escape a sometimes-crappy life, then using love to replace that drug. And who can’t relate to having a bad day or a breakup? Not everybody turns to drugs, but we all have a vice. Whenever I sing it on tour, people literally cry. I’m excited to see the reaction to it.

Is that how the whole album is? Will it make us cry?

It’s electro-soul, so there’s the electronic aspect that appeals to what people like today, but I’m singing about some real things. I’m singing soul music, because I have a soulful voice, so combining the two things gives it a really fun sound. Most importantly, I want people to feel.

OK, now tell me about getting to work with Cee-Lo again. That must have been cool.

He brought some of us out to Vegas a few months ago, and it was really cool. We got to work with the Muppets, and Rob Stewart and Eric Benet were there. It was really cool of Cee Lo to bring some of us back. He’s stayed true to his word, checking in on me through text and e-mails. We’ve definitely stayed connected, which is the coolest part of The Voice, I think.

Was it surreal working with the Muppets?

I grew up as an avid lover of the Muppets. I love them, so I got to do a little shoot with Miss Piggy, and she was pretty feisty. But seeing your childhood stars with all these hands up their asses just ruins it for you. Like, I knew they were puppets, but I didn’t need to see that.

It’s like when you see their full bodies in the movies, on bicycles and whatnot. Really creepy.

It is kind of strange. And all the puppeteers are men, so you realize a man is playing Miss Piggy. Like, my mind is blown!

I’d love for them to release footage of the guy making the voice.

What I noticed is that they’re really protective of their Muppets. When Miss Piggy doesn’t have a hand up her, they don’t allow her to be seen lifeless. They put a blanket over her.

Lastly, you recently posed for a NOH8 photo. Why was joining that campaign important for you?

I was a weird kid growing up. Like, super weird. The way I dressed now is the way I always dressed. I wasn’t black enough for some kids, but I wasn’t white either, so I never really knew where I fit in. I got teased incessantly. The way I see it, if we’re going to be a civilized society, we need to start loving people for who they are. My message is that we’re all brothers and sisters in this thing called life, so I love the broader picture of NOH8. Let’s not discriminate in the name of love.

[Side note: Jamar will perform at NOH8’s fourth anniversary party Dec. 12!]

Watch a preview of Cee Lo’s special below, and be sure to check out “High” when it’s released Dec. 4!

— Andy Swift

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